Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I have a new phone!  'Again!' or 'Already!' might be your surprised reply!  I know it has only been a year since the last NEW phone.  This is a fancy 3G Smartie pants phone!  I was feeling all smug and up to date technologically speaking.  Then I saw the stupid commercial for a 4G phone and I was all "WTF I am SO behind {wail and woe}". 

K's response: Do you even know what the G stands for?

Me: No... SHUT UP.

Then I was like 'eh fuck it I like my new phone'.  The end.

Speaking of the EFF word.  Missy's discovered this word.  When asked where she heard it (knowing FULL well where or, more aptlly, from whom she heard it) she kindly furled her brow and smiled sweetly and said "from you Momma" and if she knew how to do it she might have added a DUH on there.  SO I have now convinced her that if she says that word the policemen from Starbucks will come and get her... Err stellar parenting moment, right there.  Regardless it works so there you go, helpful parenting advice like that. BAM!

Also, I am working on not swearing, out loud, in front of the kids any more.  I said nothing about writing swear words you might have noticed.

Oh hai it is Thanksgiving tomorrow.  That is like any other day in our house.  We do not travel and this year no one is coming to us.  Some times I feel sad about that. Like I miss the chaos and excitement of having a house full of strangers family members but than again... I have to say I just like our little family having our own little time without expectations or exhaustion.

I am already exhausted anyway.  Who needs guests...

K and M Bug are going to the big college football game this Saturday.  So I get to spend more time with Missy, I am sure she will be thrilled by that... HA.  Perhaps I can teach her more foul words?

Oh yes I am excited to say that I plan to run a 5k tomorrow morning.  Than I plan to eat my weight in food!  That's a win-win I would say.  After I've eaten my weight in food, I plan to sign my ass up for a real life honest to gawd (as in Oh my gawd I cannot believe I am doing this) MARATHON in April.  Gulp.

Actually I am excited more so than nervous.  I am sure the nerves will follow the excitement... hopefully it won't follow me to Louisville or through the marathon or I predict I will know where every port-a-potty is on the route from all that excitement and nerves! 

I am also super excited to report that the weight loss I mention a while back that I figured was due to the stomach flu thing was not a fluke. Two weeks now and still five pounds down!!  WHEW HOO!!!

I am thankful for so much this year besides the phone and fat loss and what not.  I am thankful for my sweet husband and kiddos.  I am thankful for my life and my health and the ability to run and run and run or else I would not feel so great about my health and life!  I am infinitely thankful for my friends, near and far.  I am thankful for my job even with all its high end uber super stress it affords me the ability to make a good income in a small town and the time I have desired, wanted, needed to be with my kids.  I am truly blessed and amazed and thankful every moment of every day of the year! 

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