Monday, November 7, 2011

I Could Run With a Mint Julep In My Hand, Right?!

I have four current favorite shows on TV.  Castle, Criminal Minds, Unforgettable, and Prime Suspect.  Do you see a theme here?  Also now that I have mentioned these here, they will all get cancelled.

Of course, you absolutely MUST watch Masterpiece Theatre if you dig mystery type shows.  Current fav: Case Histories but, and my heart is pitter pattering just thinking about typing this, Downton Abbey will be starting up SOON.  OMG. OMG. OMG. One of THE best British mystery soap opera kind of stuff... ever. 

Colored my hair on Saturday.  I love it.  Wish I had not waited so long to do it again.  It is warm dark brown or something like that.  AND now I am avoiding my neighbor who also happens to be my hairdresser.  She's supposed to color my hair in December but I could hardly stand the gray twiggy hair sticking out of my forehead region any longer.  Plus freshly colored hair is so shiny and pretty.  She can do touch up, right?  I am sure she will be thrilled with my $10 hair color cure ;)

DUDE, I turn 38 this Friday on 11-11-11!  I always loved my birth date because it was neat and this year?  KICKS FUCKING ASS, YO. 

When I fell down in the shower the other day, I hurt my knees.  At first the right one hurt and I thought crap it hurts really bad but the pain seems to have gone from there and turned into an ugly brown bruise but the left one?  Hurts worse and no bruise just this lingering pain and if I did too long and stand up, it hurts or if I turn a certain it hurts. That sucks...

Mainly because I am now on week two of NO running.  My sinuses are still not right so I guess taking a break and getting better is good but man not running?  Killing me.  I just wanna run.  I was supposed to run a race this weekend but I will likely not do that given the current knee/no run situation.  That stinks too because I have kind of been running without a purpose and the race this weekend?  Was my purpose... oh well.

I decided a few weeks back that 2012 is the year I run a marathon.  I am excited (well I was till I stopped running do to near death due to flu situation... okay I am laughing about this, I know I did not "almost" die.  Just to clarify, am a drama queen!)  I did some checking and found a marathon on April 28th in Louisville wherein I get to run through/near/into Churchill Downs.  Whatever the case, I am a total closet horse racing fanatic.  I love it. I know I should not like horse racing but my whole life I have dreamed about going to the Derby.  I would wear a huge gaudy hat, drink a mint julep (beer) and watch the race.  This is like a one up on that.  No hat, no booze but I TOTALLY GET TO RUN THROUGH CHURCHILL DOWNS!  Almost as happy as thinking about Downton Abbey being on in January!

M Bug is doing b-ball and hockey.  I have determined that while I like basketball nothing beats freezing my arse off at the rinky dink rink in our town.  His team had their first game tonight.  They lost by 10 but man my little dude played his little heart out.  I love that about him.  He just gives everything he does in life 100%.

I sure could learn from the boy. 
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