Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recent "Events"

So I was sick the past few days.  On Sunday, I ran almost six miles.  I had a sore throat but this time of year between allergies and headcolds I figured it was normal.  By that evening, I could tell I had a real head cold.

Monday dawned and I had a full blown head cold, stuffy nose, painful throat, itchy eyes, cough, the usual stuff.   By Monday evening, I was thinking I might also have the stomach flu.  I went to sleep freezing cold. That kind of cold where at some point in the night I put on the biggest heaviest sweatshirt I own AND wool socks and snuggled under the covers with BOTH dogs and I was still shivering away plus I was up and down thinking I might throw up all night long.   Before I went to bed, I had taken some Sudafed before bed so I thought maybe I had a bad reaction to it.

I decided not to go to work in part because Missy was complaining that her stomach hurt and I though the hell I will just stay home and get well with her.  She seemed fine all day but I just kept feeling worse, more exhausted, sickly, stuffier, just slowing down and feeling worse with each passing hour.

By bed time I thought no more Sudafed because I reacted poorly to it.  Than the ice cold feeling set it in again with uncontrollable shivering.  K said take some Nyquil to help you sleep and reduce the stuffiness and slight fever I was having so I did.  I had to choke it down too.  Sleep I did... Missy woke up in the night and she told me in the morning she was yelling for me but I did not come to her.  Yeah because I was passed out from Nyquil... BAH. I do not like that feeling at all. 

K got up first to shower and I know this only because when the alarm when off the first time I thought there was no possible way 8 hours had passed I was THAT tired.  I looked at the clock and it read 6:52am and I was thinking CRAP I am going to be late for work.  I should have known something worse was wrong.  I felt completely out of it the moment my feet hit the floor.  I got my toothbrush and brushed my teeth and got into the shower.  I started to shampoo my hair but I think I was already losing consciousness because I remember thinking this shower is fucking HOT.  So I made it cold but I was like Oh my this is TOO cold so I turned it back to warm (I think)... I just know that I was upright and the next thought I had was " I do not think I am going to make it to work today..." before I fainted.  I know when I came to I was saying (shouting?) help me help me help me over and over again and K was there trying to get me up.  According to him I passed out again.  Passing out was like having a very good nap but in the most awkward of positions.  I just know that I was mad at K for trying to wake me up which is weird now.  It's all just a strange fuzzy blur.

I had to go to the bathroom and I will spare you the details on this front but I was quite ill.  Like the whole time I thought I was going to be sick the two days prior well it was like passing out gave my body permisson to do this now.  Which is super fun to wake up to after passing out.

The worst part about this for me: I heard Missy asking over and over asking if Mommy was okay, did Mommy fall down, etc... I felt terrible that I scared her like that even though I did not mean to obviously.

I staggered around getting dressed and we took to the kids to school/day care then we headed off to the Urgent Care place.  I saw this fantastically strange little doctor whom both K and I liked but agreed he was a smidge weird (not in a bad way, more like he was science geek who decided to become a doctor weird!)  He was great though.  He said essentially he suspected that I was exposed to several viruses all at once.  I thought I might have a sinus infection, a touch of the stomach flu and some along the lines of influenza which all combined made me feel terrible.   Like a perfect storm for the human body.  Awesome. 

He said the reason I likely fainted had something to do with the hot water and blood going to my legs and the medicine and some non-sense like that which I could not follow because holy crap I was cold and the headache and I just wanted to be at home on my couch curled up with dogs and blankets and a heating pad.  At any rate, I was sick and not like with something weird or odd and thankfully the fainting was not followed by seizure because apparently just fainting is okay but fainting followed by a seizure is bad.  Just as an FYI in the future in case you happen to faint.  I guess fainting followed by a seizure would have been FAR more scary then just the fainting which K said scared the C-rap out of him so there you have it.

Any who, I learned I should have gotten the flu shot.  I will never ever skip the flu shot ever again.  I also learned that if I am sick and if it gets rapidly worse it is better to see a doctor then not doing anything at all because dude you might faint and stuff.

Finally fainting from the standing position in a smallish shower space is very very painful.  I landed on my knees and hit the middle of my back.  My right knee hurt the most at first now it is my left knee.  I am hoping they were just stretched out too much from a weird fall and after a few days all will be well. 

I am a shitty patient.  Trying to rest is hard for me. I went to work today partly because I had to but sitting around at home seemed worse... I am not a good sitter. The physician gave me Tamiflu which might be like the miracle drug of the century (to me) as I felt like a new woman less than 24 hours after taking it.  I still have the sinus thing but eh... seems like nothing now. 

The only issue I seem to be having is some slight memory loss.  Like I could not spell the name of our street today and I had to ask K what the name of our new co-worker is who has been sitting next to me for weeks (four weeks to be exact).  Sadly I am sitting here and I am not EXACTLY sure what his name is...  I think I know it.  Sadly this may just be normal stuff... I forget a lot of stuff normally but I am just going to blame it on being sick and fainting and what not for like a year or two, kay!?

Lessons were learned here.  Namely, DO NOT GET SICK. Ever.  And do not faint especially in a smallish shower space.
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