Monday, December 26, 2011


Cookies and Reindeer snacks
Santa letters from each child
including a question from M Bug
"Do you vacation in Bora Bora?"
I have no idea, Santa said 'yes'.
Missy made reindeer food at M Bug's
school a week earlier.
She was very concerned that
this put out for them.
A bowl in the kitchen as well as
one out on the front porch!
I have never ever waited so long to get
everything done at the holidays
Cookies just kept becoming the
last and least most important thing
to do.
I made the sugar cookie dough
Thursday night
The kids and I rolled, cut and baked
the cookies on Friday
and we frosted them
on Saturday, fresh for Santa.
I will do this again.
It was fun for the kids
and it gave us all something to look
forward to!
The table post Santa's visit
Nog is gone,
apples and carrots demolished
reindeer food scattered by messy reindeer
and only the crumbs of cookies remain!
Messy reindeer!
Post Santa's visit!
I went to be well after 1:30am
I wrapped and cleaned up
I made the Pioneer Woman's French Toast casserole
I watched Christmas shows and had some adult beverages.
I went to bed blissfully peacefully happy!
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