Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Party Goer

Self portrait and me trying to NO double chin
Instead I got grandma chicken neck and armpit chub.
Our Annual Work Party
is an "affair" every year.
I have SO much more to say about it
but this is a public site so no no
I won't say anything...
I just was not feeling well at all.
'Nuff said and onward!
The venue was bathed in hot pink...
like this was the actual color of the
dining area!
I love this dress.
I bought it on black Friday.
Every year, the dress is an issue for me.
I am usually frantically searching
for cheapest damn thing
 I can find at the last minute.
Last year, I found one at Target the day before
and the year before a Kohl's Vera Wang shirt
two days before the party
I always had the goal of spending less than $50.
This year I decided I would go big,
with ONE HUNDO as my limit.
I found the dress for less than that at Macy's.
It was comfortable and cute!
This dress also allowed me to
wear my kick ass but painful
Costume National heels.
Flowers without the pink light
Also, beer.
My boss and my co-worker, Kelley, and her momma
Kelley's the bestest and I am so glad
she came to our workplace!
This party did not rock for me
and I pretty much left
at the end of the night in tears.
Let's just say that I am stronger than this
and they cannot get me down
(On a side note, have you seen the You Tube video with
the boy? OMG.  SOB. I want to hug that boy
and tell him it will be okay...
SO yeah not the same
thing but I SO get how Jonah feels...)
A Blu Boy and his helper
making hot cocoa that I wished
I felt better enough to want to drink...
Post dinner magic
Me just wanting to go home
My goal for 2012:
Learning to make
homemade marshmallows

'Tis the season to cuddle a sock monkey
wearing $75 worth of gift cards!
Go hard or, in my case, go home.
Happy Ho-ho-holidays!
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