Monday, January 30, 2012


I want to write and write
I have a few posts
I never posted
I photos sitting on my camera
I have ideas and thoughts
I want to share and remember
but for some reason
I stop
Lately I stop because
I want to hang with
the kiddos and/or K
or watch Downton Abbey
or read (I KNOW READ!)
I like to write here
I like to show photos
but as it goes with
parenthood we have to give
something up to get something else
Time with the wee babes or K
or reading
 or watching soap operatic British TV shows
 is just more important right now.
In a way losing Santana made me
rethink my priorities
what I really want to be doing with my time
here with the people I love
I do not feel like reading and writing blogs
are on the highly important list
right at this moment.
I am sure like the seasons
this will change but for now
it may be sporadic...
Some recent phone photos
Fashion before function, right!? 
M Bug's Hockey game
Missy's taking Parent Tot Skate classes!
M Bug is taking a skate class
so he can learn to do cross overs
whatever that means...
apparently it will make
him a better hockey player
M Bug wants to do travel hockey next year!
Parent Tot Skate
Puzzling at the local library yesterday
View from an 8 mile run a few weeks back
I feel lucky to live where I do
A younger me seemed to always
have a case of wanderlust
Currently, I am happy to be where I am
It is peaceful to feel that way.
Logically, what to do with
free stickers that arrive in the mail!

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