Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santana Memories

I am sure the endless doggie posts will end... eventually.  I find writing important when something 'big' happens in one's life.  I find that if I do not write about it eventually my world starts to crash in on me.  Right now writing and hugs are the two best things I have.  Clearly we loved this dog and he was a huge part of our lives.  Santana came before we were even married.  Santana came before we moved from one town to the next. Santana came before M Bug and Missy.  He has been in every facet of our lives always. 

There is no doubt that the energy and time he took up was wonderful and difficult at times.  That is not say that we loved him more or less because he seemed more needy than the average dog.  I think that because he was so high maintence we all had a different relationship with him than most pet owners do with their dogs.  I certainly feel this way when I think of Lucy.  She's so quiet and calm and low maintence in comparison. 

Something that has both made me cry yet laugh through the tears is remembering all of the Santana-isms.  And oh my the list is long. I will try to keep it to a minimum or at the least make it into two posts.  I have been working on a Santana photo book that I hope to finish up this week.  At the end of this year (2012) I plan to combine the two blogs and make a five year "book" to keep.  There is a lot of stuff in both blogs that I love and I want to keep forever.  I think it will be a neat way for the kids to know me one day when they are older and I am not the same person I am today.  I would like to include this Santana stuff in there for the kids to know and remember about him.
When we first got Santana he had both fleas and worms.  BLECH!  The reason we knew about the worms, one fell "out" on the bed.  SO gross yet it still makes me laugh to this day.  Poor guy.

He had Parvo and almost died from that.  We spent our tiny savings, money from K's grandmother, to keep him alive.  We both feel to this day that was money well spent.

When he was little, he liked to climb into the warm laundry baskets and bury his nose into the clothing. 

He used to sleep near our heads when he was younger and almost always we would wake up with a dog across our chests or necks.

He used to like to be held and carried like a baby!

He liked to sniff mouths.  I think it was his way knowing more about you.

He could run as fast as the wind but not as fast as the geese on the golf course!

He liked to eat the goose poo... Again GROSS!

Before the blue blankie was M Bug's, it was Santana's.  He was none to please to give it up to the boy.

He would stand and/or lay down in the middle of the chaos of a holiday.

He barked at. every. thing.

He loved to go for walks and sniffed the hell out of the world.

When we first got him and lived in an apartment, we took him to the dog were often it would only be big dogs.  He could hold his own again those beasts!

He LOVED LOVED LOVED other dogs.

His white hair is everywhere on everything and I always joked about how we left a little of Santana everywhere we went.  I doubt we will ever get rid of that Santana hair.  Unless we throw everything out that we currently own...

He started to go bald on his back in Fort Wayne right before we moved to our current home in 2003-2004.

He used to lay next to M Bug's head when he would tummy time.  He did the same for Missy.

When I would lay on the floor to do exercise videos or sit-ups he thought this meant I wanted to roll around on the floor with him.

When I did sit-ups he would shove his head under my head so I could not do them.

He loved beer and we gave him a little bowl of beer on his "21st" birthday ;) as well as at the start of every summer. 

He did not like the boy when he first came home but he certainly warmed up him once he learned about the whole kids don't make 98% of the food into their mouths thing!!

Santana liked to sit on the top of the couch, I called him our Cat-Dog.

He loved the sun, obviously.  He would lay for hours on the deck and roast no matter how many times I forced him in would be back out there as quickly as possible.

He did not like water even the rain he would run out into as fast as could to use the facilities than come back as quickly as possible.

When he got older, he burrow under the covers and sleep until he was so hot that he would come back up for air and would be panting from the heat.  It was actually kind of cute and funny!

He listened when we spoke to him.  He would glint in his eye and cock his head to the side and I swear to you he was trying to understand.

We could never figure out why when we said the number 'four' he would get REALLY excited!

He never met a welcoming lap he did not like.

He hated when we travelled so that we had to keep the suitcases out of his site until he was at the doggie spa and even that stopped working the past few years.  He just knew when we were planning a trip.

He peed on everything in our dang house.

He was always the first one up and out in the morning.  Than he would snuggle up on the couch preferably with a small child.

He had to have a special diet for his allergies, duck and potato food and treats. 

K once tried to boil a duck on the stove because of Santana's food allergies with riotous results.  I still cannot think of this incident without getting grouchy (I HAD TO CLEAN IT UP!  Maggots were involved.)

Santana loved treats like he would dance when heard the door open.

I called him at least dozen nicknames but he always knew his name was Santana but oddly I called him Beans from the get go and I could call to him Beans and he would come to that as well.

I have no real reason to call him Beans.  No story behind it. Just an odd term of endearment that I planted on him during his first year.

He caught a cardinal in our old house and it was a total fluke.  Forever after he tried to catch birds to no avail.

He and Lucy were quite effective at catching moles and vols however.

Santana got under the fence recently in an effort to get the skunk.  He did not get sprayed but our neighbor's yard was very muddy and he smelled!

He liked to sit on our feet when he got older.  We think this had to do with not feeling well.

He told Lucy what to do.  a lot. 

He was always like a grouchy old man :) in a good way.

Santana probably cost us over the years close to $10k in vet bills. 
We bought him for $105 from a farmer near Fort Wayne.  Someday I would like to go back to that farmer and rip him a new one for not taking proper care of his dogs!

He liked to eat grass like always even when he was a puppy.

He loved peanut butter and cheese most of all.

He was gobbler, he would take your hand off for something but not out of malice.

He tolerated Lucy at best but we think they loved each other despite this.

They used to fight for the sunny spots and especially when they were younger they would just lay on top of one another in the sunny spots!

Santana liked babies and would go right up to them and be as gentle as you can imagine.

When he was younger, he used to watch TV.  Like you could see his eyes following the stuff on the TV, it was pretty cool to watch him watch the TV.

Toward the end of his life, he reverted to a bunch of things he did as a puppy.

He used to love to eat toilet paper, we have no idea why but he would take a piece of the roll and you would go to use the potty and there would be raggedy TP.

He would also try to take a piece of TP but sometimes it did not rip and we would find the TP still attached to the roll going from the bathroom down the hall into our bedroom and under the bed.  OMG, this made us laugh our rumps off.

We bought our first BBQ grill and grilled out.  Santana got up under there and ATE all of the grease.  Than barfed it up than tried to eat the carpet he barfed on.  K hot glued all of the carpet back in and we never got charged for this by the apt complex. 

He had the softest fur around his neck and ears that I loved to rub my fingers through.

I loved the way his fur smelled.  It was his smell only.  I have had four dogs in my life and he is the only dog I had that smelled sweet like this.

He had a scar on his leg from where he pulled the IV out when he had Parvo.

He had a scar on top of his head from where they gave him a shot when he was little and sick.

The last few years of his life he liked the knotty spot on the top of his head rubbed really hard. 

He would bury his head in your lap and ask us to rub that spot.

He would "dance" when he was excited or happy.

He did not like the snow really at all but when he was little he loved it!

His nose was always cold and he would curl up in a ball and bury his nose in his paws.  I loved this position for him with all of my heart.  One of the last photos I took of him was a close-up of that position.

We used to live by a river and one day K was taking him for an epic walk.  Santana went into the brambles by the river and came out with a live turtle in his mouth. He was SO thrilled.

He and Lucy were a great team when it came to catching critter especially that poor bunny family that made their home under our deck in our first house.

Santana liked to run away, I used to think he was an explorer at heart.

We have bought both of our houses with our dogs in mind so we could go home and let them out at lunch!

We used to joke that we got a Nanny for our dogs and the kids helped her out with them :)

Santana LOVED Ashley with a fiery passion, he would wait for her to come each morning then curl up in her lap right when she got there.  I fairly certain they spent a lot of time like that especially when Missy was young and napped. 

He had bad gas and he liked to sleep butt up in the bed near our heads.  Maybe that was on purpose!

He lived a charmed, spoiled life and I am glad for that.  He lived a longer life that if anyone else would have gotten him as a dog.  K gave him turkey scraps on Christmas day and the past couple of months I made a point of sitting on the couch or floor cuddled up with him.  The kids were especially sweet to him always and Missy and M Bug wanted me to take photos of him snuggled up. I am glad for that.

I am infinitely sad today that I lost my baby puppy.  I do not look forward to life without him.  I know it will all be okay.  He is alive in our thoughts and hearts always but man not having to follow that little butt down the hallway to let him each morning or getting my snuggle on with him each evening is going to be hard.  Just saying. 

I love you Santana Banana Beans.
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