Wednesday, January 11, 2012


After we left the Emergency vet,
I told K I just was not ready to
make the long drive home
so we went to Toys R Us.
Random, I know but the kids
we sobbing and screaming
and Toys R Us actually seemed
to help them forget their grief
for a short period of time
We needed to eat dinner
and we happened on A Five Guys
As we were walking in M Bug came
to an abrupt stop in the middle
of the parking lot
and said "look, there IS Santana."
We looked up and there was the moon
almost full with a large bright "star"
(we did not have the heart to
tell him it was a planet.)
He just smiled and stared at that start
and it was truly so M Bug
and amazing all at once.
I stared at the moon a lot since that night
I was watching the news and they showed
a photo of the moon with this crazy ring
around it
so of course I grabbed my camera
to take my own photos.
They are kind of cool.

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