Thursday, January 19, 2012

Running Through The… Gym

So I run three week days per week plus one weekend day for the marathon training. The three week days are spent in the gym and lately an alarming number of weekend days as well. The past couple of years of running I have lost interest in running during the winter months in part because of the whole gym component. Even if I had my own treadmill, I believe I might feel this way. The dread mill as I have called it in the past generally makes me cringe. Obviously the commitment to running a marathon has changed everything. I need to do the mileage and the only time to do that on the week days is after 8:00pm so off to the gym I go.

Actually do not mind going somewhere. Some days I wish we had a treadmill in our home but most days I am glad I get to drive in my car, music blaring (windows down in the spring/fall months!) to the gym. I drink half a bottle of water on the way. I generally drive the same way every time. It is a little ritual, a little time for me.

After my drive, I hit the gym and I have two choices, the treadmill or the track. While both would seem monotonous, I find they are not or at least not so much anymore. I think once I committed to running the marathon I just knew I would need to stop the negative thinking about doing either thing. I knew the training would be in the cold winter months and on week day evenings when I would have to run indoors some or most of the time. Some days I split the run, half on the track, and half on the treadmill. Last night I did six miles all on two treadmills (30 minutes each!) The 2nd half of the IU basketball game was one which was a good motivator to stay on the mill. If there is something exciting or interesting on the TVs, I can totally do the entire run on the treadmill. I put on my little iNano thing, rock out to vulgar rap music that I would never listen to in the real world, and watch the TVs. Sports, Poker and Chopped are personal favs.

Besides the treadmill, I have always liked the track. People come and go; there are basketball/volleyball games going on, and the pool to peek into. Generally it is challenging to avoid not running into people and/or basketballs. Someone was NOT thinking when they designed our Y… oh well. I fear that if and when they update and redo everything there, our membership fees will skyrocket so I will deal with things the way they are and without complaint might I add. I figure an errant basketball is WAY better than two pit bulls chasing me down thinking I am a giant human play thing (true story.)

Last night I was contemplating my drive and wondering if having a treadmill at home would be better. For me, I decided it is better to have to do the drive, to go somewhere with other people, and all of the noise and activity. Of course, there are days… when I think ‘Oh hell’s bells I do not want to go anywhere’ but I always do. The thing with those days is that if the treadmill were in my house I wonder if I would be any more likely or motivated to get on it to run!? Probably given the training schedule and my current ebb of fear about my ability to accomplish this feat of running in a marathon I would make it happen no matter what. We all adjust to the things we need to when it comes to fitness goals. I guess I feel lucky to have a membership to a place I like with two options for running so I have a choice.

As an aside, I was pretty geeked to find a couch to pool, sort of a play on couch to 5k thing, on Pinterest (Oh how I love thee Pinterest... you are the perfect compliment to my OCD and list making obessions!)  that I am planning to try out this summer after the marathon. I want to start swimming; I keep saying that but never doing it. Well I want to start swimming and doing yoga again. So Marathon, Swimming, Yoga. There, my fitness goals for 2012!
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