Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Android Instagram Coming To a Phone Near You SOON!

I read recently that they,
being the phone gods (?),
are working on
an Android Instagram
to come out sometime
in 2012.
Dear Android Phone Gods,
As an Android phone owner,
I would greatly appreciate
if you hurried up so I too
can join the Instagram Zombies
of this world.
I want to be SO cool too!
Yours, C
The following are
ALL phone pictures,
phone photos
from the past couple of days...
Missy was SO happy
to have her friend visiting
at M Bug's hockey game!
Only ONE game left...
which I am sad about.
We are really loving Hockey
far more than I thought
any of us would!
It was a beautiful
snowy V-day!
I gave the kids
for Valentine's Day
I heart Pinterest!
I do not keep a
'what I've done board on there'
I realized a lot of people do this...
Oh well.
this can be my
what I've done board, yo!
This is chocolate chip cookie dough dip.
Totally completely unhealthy
I did use low fat cream cheese in my defense!
I love how the recipe states
you can serve this with fruit
to you know,
health it up!?
Durrrr... this is not healthy
with or without
fruit slices.
Daycare Valentine's Celebration!
Missy and I made these for
Daddy and M-Bug.
She had SO much fun
getting her hands and feet painted
and they turned out so well!
The Spider-man costume
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