Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I wrote this yesterday
and it was much better yesterday
but Blogger did not save what I wrote
and logged me out in the process.
I can assure you what I wrote
yesterday was far more eloquent.
Oh well.
It would seems there are
fewer M Bug photos
as of late.
I spend more free time with Missy
as M Bug is in school
and when we are altogether
it is more about motion and movement
than sitting around taking photos.
I rarely capture those times
because I like to be in the moment
versus keeping track of the moment.
The phone is easy to do that with Missy.
It distracts her from massive meltdowns
that are close and often these days.
Whereas M Bug,
M Bug is so big now.
He is tall and thin and muscular.
He loves to play Football
with a glow in his eyes
and addiction in his blood
that is hard to explain.
He skates like he was born to skate
which is amazing for both K and I
for various reasons
It is such a pleasure
to watch him score goals in Hockey
Sometimes I blink in amazement
at him, like a little version of his Daddy
only he is the tallest kid out there!
He loves Hockey
to the point of wanting
to do travel Hockey next year!
His first love is Soccer.
There was a shine in his eyes 
when we asked about Spring Soccer.
Beyond sports,
his teacher adores him.
She is the perfect fit for M Bug
She is studious and she loves Science and Art.
Mrs. J opens doors in M Bug's mind
that I could only hope a teacher would.
He works hard and wants to be the best in class
which is alternately scary for me
and absolutely a blessing.
M Bug is an amazing artist.
Just to see him draw a picture
and think it through
makes my head spin.
He made the Martin Luther King figure
for his class and
it was so cool to see him
beam about that.
M Bug is in the right place
doing the right "stuff"
a place I always wanted to be as a kid but
I was neither a good student nor a thoughtful artist.
M Bug loves Math and Science,
Legos and reading {Harry Potter},
video games and telling jokes
and so much more.
He has best buddies and pals
and an intricate social world at school.
 A child who can add and subtract
without batting an eye
who knew what google meant
when his Momma did not
(I had to Google google, HA)
Who is trying to memorize
all of the college sports teams
AND their mascots (HOLD ME...)
he still my sweet kind well mannered boy...
Leaving K and I out of it,
I do think parenting is important
but each kid takes their parents
in different ways.
Yes, our parenting has something
to do with who M Bug is becoming 
but on the other hand
M Bug is just a good kid innately.
We are a part of that but certainly
not the sum of the whole
the complexity of our beings
is the very definition of Emergence
(I might be slightly obessed with this theory).
I guess I mostly mention him in this way
with these positive words
because I cannot believe
some of it,
by turning some of these things,
these activities
 into words
it makes it more believable
how quickly time has passed...
My sweet boy who
stumbles out of bed these days
bleary eyed
red hair sticking up in all directions
with his ratty blue
blanket in tow 
to watch ESPN!
I am in awe that
we are planning his SEVENTH
birthday coming up
in two short months
it seems like it was just a moment ago
that the nurse laid him in my arms
a sweet smelling chubby bundle of baby
all swaddled up with
his thumb in his mouth
My how times flies...
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