Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running Snippets: "The Rage"

  • I ran 13 miles on Saturday afternoon... shit (so UNintentional I swear...) I cannot even remember if that is the right amount of mileage!? 
  • My poor running partner was very patient as I had to stop twice to use the facilities plus a few slow walks because my gawd I felt rotten. 
    One stop at the port oh potty and once at a BURGER KING. 
  • That second one was somewhat humiliating, I must admit.
  • I thought 'wow this running in the afternoon thing really sucks hinny..." Oh my how puny!
  • Then I discovered that lo, I had some kind of stomach flu that than rather simply raging in my tummy was only raging in my INTESTINES.
  • GROSS.
  • For three days and three nights, my gut raged.
  • I ran last night for the first time since "the rage".  I was scared.  I did not feel like raging any longer.
  • I successfully and happily completed four miles without any rage. 
  • It actually felt great.
  • It helped to have a kick ass b-ball game on the television to watch!
  • This might be a good time to mention, I am "better" from the sinus infection and finished the antibiotics and yet?  the cough persists.
  • This has been the winter from hell for me.
  • K squarely blamed my being sick from marathon training... I could not even object.
  • I am supposed to ramp up my mileage this week to: 4m, 8m, 4m, and 18m = 34m
  • 18 seems so impossible and might remind my gut of "the rage"
  • I shall ignore my tummy and tell my head I CAN DO IT!
  • Which reminds me, I read a running blog and there was a girl who wrote a piece recently who spoke of her love for mileage. She even ran a half marathon SIX MONTHS PREGNANT. I was amazed.  I have to admit I was proud of the days when I was pregnant and I remembered to drink a few full glasses of water a day... HA!
  • I have been switching off shoes between the new and older pair with positive results.
  • I still need to work on getting to bed on time and eating better.
  • Those are hard things for me to achieve.
  • I desperately wanted wedges and I found these on... wait for it... freaking Pinterest! Yup.Pinterest. I love them so much they are worth mentioning here.

Crapstatic phone pic from work
I am pretty sure my co-workers
wonder what the hell
I keep taking photos of
whilst sitting down at my desk!
  • That is all I have. The crappy new shoes photo will have to be enough to hold you over until my next running post, mmm kay?
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