Thursday, February 16, 2012

Running Snippets:bullets edition

  • I bought new running shoes this past weekend.  I tested the new shoes out on my shorter run this week and so far so good, thumbs up, etc...
  • My new running shoes are shiny silver and pink.  SO girlie! 
  • I plan to use the new shoes on the 4 mile runs so that I am running on those two of the four runs per week.
  • Good news: the shoes I have been running on are solid shoes and the issues I am having with shins/ankles/knees likely have to do with the increase in mileage as well running indoors and not necessarily using the wrong shoe (because I LOVE my Kinvaras!!!)
  • Running on the track is almost equal to running on concrete.  Every place I run changes my gait. So the treadmill is a manufactured gait, the track is changing my gait and being outside... you got it, changes my gait.  I think just being aware of that is important.  I am not sure how but awareness of it feels helpful to note!
  • I learned that if you are running a marathon your feet WILL swell so you should buy your shoes a half size bigger than the usual size.  Who knew...
  • I am now terrified of getting a black toenail. Thanks Running Company guy, Eric!
  • My feet "grew" after my pregnancy with Missy so that I am a solid size 6 now which means I bought a 6-1/2 shoe.  That is the biggest sized shoe I have ever had! 
  • I ran 7 miles on the track last night and I wish I could record the freakish things I think about when I run 7 miles on a track.  Funniest damn shit ever and I mostly forget about it after I finish.
  • When running on the track, the most consistent and clear thought I do have is: do you think people drive the way they run on this fucking track?  Seriously.  I have nearly been t-boned by the track "crossers", small children are cute but a nuisance, three girls happily walk-chatting take up the whole track and watch out for their flying arms, and the old dude who run/walks in the RUN lane needs to get the eff over to the "slow" lane because one of these days we are going to tangle and it is NOT going to be pretty.  As previously mentioned, watch for flying (basket and volley) balls and raging male hormones on the basketball court.  I bitch bitterly in my head about a lot of people whilst running.  Bastards, all of 'em! ;)
  • Marathon training is weird shit.  I definitely hit my low this past Saturday while running 14 miles outside in the freezing cold wind 'omg my chin and ass were so cold' it took a full day for them to warm up COLD. I hit my high running the 7m last night.  It was the first time in three weeks that I ran and thought 'OH this is why I like to run!'
  • My average on a mile has decreased significantly this past year.  I was probably doing a solid under 10 minute mile, 9:50 maybe?  I am now doing a solid sub 8 mile (8:29 last night) and that is without "trying".  It is kind of neat!
  • I need new sports bras badly (you are welcome.)
  • I need better outdoor running gear too.  Or something to, you know, cover my ears/head.  Saturday's 14 was torture not just because my tummy was fired up and my ass/chin were cold but also because my ears were a lovely shade of purple (or so I was told!)
  • Being sick with some kind sinus/chest cold thingy for FIVE weeks and running long distances sort of... sucks.
  • Marathon training has made me feel the most like a "real runner" and while I doubt I will ever train/run another marathon ever again (I see myself eating those words...), I feel part of the marathon experience is the journey.  I think the training is long and hard, both mentally and physically.  Way more so then half's.  In fact, I feel like going forward into the future of running, nothing will seem "hard" after doing this training which could be of benefit to me in that I can train for shorter races and mentally get tired of the training but I know that it always be harder (ie: marathon training). 
  • A little bit of inspiration in my cubby!
  • Not quite half way through, I still love to run which is an obviously good thing and I am proud of what we have done to date! We are well on our way to making it TO 26 point 2!!
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