Friday, February 3, 2012


I think that anyone that does anything
sporty for an extended period of time
has some superstitions.
I may be wrong.
So do not share with me
that I am wrong.
I won't listen
and I will ignore you.
I believe this to be true.
The truth is that I am superstitious
about running.
I ran on that machine
and it hurt my legs so I better NOT
run on that one again.
I listened to this music in this race
and I ran fast err go
I will run fast again listening to this music.
I wore these socks and those shorts
and I had a PR in that 5k.
Okay I am not that bad.
What I hate to talk about is how
many "injuries" I have had
over the past few years of running.
I have no clue why I have had issues
these weirdo pseudo injury list
I have amassed over time.
Some just fade away like a bad memory
but all of them have left me wondering WHY?
Why did I have that horrific joint pain
for half a year a couple of years ago?
That inexplicably went away
apropos of nothing.
Why did I fall down in the shower
and now just that left leg
keeps getting painful injuries?
Shin splint, outer ankle pain,
knee pain, shin splint...
I am on cycle right now from that one.
Well and I know why I fell down
but how come it keeps lingering
despite my best efforts to let it heal and rest.
I have over time wondered
is it my gait, my shoes, my stride
and the worst thought of all
is it the socks that I am wearing?
Upon reflection about the sock thing.
That one is just plain stupid and WEIRD.
What I have come to realize
the past few months of pre-training
and training for this marathon
is that yes gait and stride and shoes
and maybe even socks are important.
But the most important things are:
What am I eating?
How am I sleeping?
Am I am totally stressed out and/or angry at the world?
Am I getting sick?
I eat like crap and I sleep like crap
then I get stressed out and sick
and I run like crap
so I hurt.
That is it.
Simple and easy to understand.
This past month I have been trying
to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.
Some nights I fail miserably
finally forcing my wide open eyes
to sleep after one in the morning.
Other nights I have been
in bed asleep by 10!
Eating is hit or miss often.
I am not saying I want to eat healthy
to lose weight in this case either.
But I do believe that eating
is important and can help your
body recover from long hard runs
and lots of intense mileage.
I just should probably stop
excusing the piles of M&M making
their way into my mouth
due to stress because
just on the surface
that is not a healthy way to live
nor do those effers
take the stress away.
So I am working on
eating and sleeping
which seems easy,
Yeah not so much for me.
Years of shitty habits come into play here.
Mindless habits that are simply not the best
to have at any time in one's life
but most especially when one is trying
to work, raise to children and train for a marathon
The stress/anger/sick thing
will have to wait.
Okay and I need to let go of the superstitious
belief that if I buy a new pair of running shoes that
ankle pain will go away!
Baby steps people baby fucking steps!
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