Thursday, February 2, 2012

Understandably Considerably Brillantly Confused

I found this book randomly
at the library the other afternoon.
To backtrack,
M Bug asked me what
an adverb was out of the blue
a couple of days prior to finding the book.
I should TOTALLY know
what an adverb is right!?
I SIMPLY love the English language.
I am a MODERATELY good writer.
I am not feeling WELL, but I am GOOD writer.
Yet I could not knowledgeably
tell him what an adverb was.
Oy vey.

Any who, the book,
more APTLY the books
are by this dude, Brian Cleary 
who writes about different language parts
in a 16 part Words Are CATegorical® series
and they are riotously fun.
Apparently, he has a Math series too!
Admittedly I would have liked to have
had these books growing up.

I am adding them to M Bug's Amazon list.
M Bug pretended to NOT like this book
mostly because I was SO geeked about them.
Oh well. At the very least,
I will learn something!
That is PSA for day.
Peace Love and SOUL baby!!
(RIP in Soul Train Man.)
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