Saturday, March 3, 2012

M Bug Lately

My sweet baby boy
hockey award night
insanity that included
pizza and an open skate
His first award with his name on it
He is so geeked for hockey next season
Move over hockey
Level 4 Swim Class is now!
M Bug and I had a little Mother-son date day
Normally I would not call it this
it is kinda dorky, eh?
K actually dubbed it this... I am not sure why?!
Any who, M Bug wanted to see The Lorax,
Missy wanted a Daddy-daughter day.
We had a great time, we always do.
We got out tickets early,
hit up Penn Station because
they have fries and college basketball on TV
which apparently rocks my
almost 7 year old's world
He was pretty excited to get root beer
Look I am a mean, mean Mommy.
My kid has had soda like hardly ever
in his short little life.
His WHOLE flippin' face lit up when
I told him he could have this.
We went back to theatre where people
we LINED up to go into the show
so I made M Bug get in line
while I bought us some waters and candy
and in we went.
The Lorax was great,
made my greenie earth momma butt cry.
Then M Bug went home
and went straight into the backyard to plant
a flippin' tree.
He is awesome.
My sweet baby boy.
He totally gets it
and I love that about him.
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