Friday, March 16, 2012

Running Snippets: Port OH Potty* 'n more

I have to skip another run this week, 2nd one of the 18-week training schedule. Or more aptly I had to shift another run to another day. There is something going down thar on my LEFT ankle. Not to be mistaken with my left shin, my left calf, or my left knee. Now at this time, my left big toe is a-okay… which remains to be seen, of course.

I believe the ankle issue to be something akin to a lateral ligament sprain. Oh do I sound all fancy-pansy or what!? Essentially it just a sprained ankle which is groovy if I were you know NOT training for the one and only marathon I ever plan to run in my life!

I believe this occurred from a number of things. A lot of training, I think I start to overpronate/invert/do something stupid when I get tired so that by the end of the 19 miles this past Sunday (and the 17 mile run from the previous weekend) I was just start running like a total dork and hurt myself. I think the bigger culprit is stiff tight sore muscles that I have not been stretching properly after every run I do. Sucks… This all seemed to start with having this charley horse in my left calf two weeks ago. It hurt like heck to run on and I stretched a little but mostly just ran through it as that is me. Like a damn bull in a china store. Just go and go and go and ouch that effing hurts, what the ‘ell!? Because suddenly I am injured and it seems to mysterious but truth be told dammit I did it to myself. Oh well. Cannot go back and change what has happened, just going forward.  I made an appt to see the local sports chiropractor on Monday. I bought a compression sleeve for my ankle to I can attempt to bang out the 5 miles I missed last night tonight and the 13 miles I need to do for my long run on Sunday. I am hoping to get outside for the 13 miles on Sunday when the weather is nicer. I tend to find myself running easier outside and enjoying the runs more outside too. I have doing most of the RICE thing, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  The Rest part?  eh not so much.  Oh well.

My fear is that I have done enough damage that I will not be able to complete the marathon training so close to the end. Just five more weeks of training after this weekend and we are there at the starting line!

Another lesson learned from training for a marathon: remember to stretch faithfully after every run no matter how big or small. All Dr. Seuss like ‘n shit.

Also, eat PIE (or something sweet because dang did I earn it or what?! Happy belated Pi Day!)

Moving along… so I am determined to get to the start and finish line of this marathon and running all of it. Well besides walking through the water stations and possible bathroom breaks. I have also been trying out different goo type substances. They all suck. They all turn my tummy. I am to the point where I may just have to like make my own! Mashed bananas and coffee grounds?! Surely that will not cause my intestines to literally jump out of my insides like the manufactured goo does. I will keep trying different ones and see what happens. I am wondering if a simple granola bar cut up into bite sized pieces might be the best. I just want something that is helpful during the long run that does make me need to stop at every port oh potty* along the way.

Finally, I have already put about six 5k on my calendar for May through August. I have just decided that I want to keep training to run but my body is telling me to keep it shorter. I have also thought about trying out trail running to see if I like that. I just need to keep it fresh and set goals. I have been thinking about running shorter races just for fun since last year before I even started thinking about a marathon. I have no care or interest in PRs or winning my age group, I just simply need a goal, something to “run to” as the case may be.

In sum, my ankle is swollen and painful so I can hardly run but I am STILL running because I am such a beast, a feeling like a really old 38 year old beast. I have to find a substance to run with that does not erode away my insides and gives me the right boost of energy. A banana would do but dude running a marathon with a banana in my pocket? Not gonna work plus the jokes? O.M.G. And finally, I have a plan, I plan to work that plan and now I must work my plan at work because I totally have a boss breathing down my neck and that ain’t purty to see at all, yo!

*I cannot just say portable potty or port-o-potty. I feel like I have to say port OH potty like I am surprised by a bathroom that is portable plus the smell is always SO shocking in those damn things!
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