Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring In Ma Step

M Bug is super excited that IU
is in the sweet 16.
He was also rooting for Purdue...
not sure about that one but it could be worse,
he could have been rooting for OSU.
GO IU!!!
Missy having some pie at the 3rd Annual Pi Run!
While my kids did not run,
my running partner and I
ran about a mile and a half of it
to finish up our 18 mile run that day.
M Bug enjoying some chocolate pie too.
St. Paddy's Day
came and went
complete with a home made
leprechaun trap.
Said leprechaun escaped through
a hole in the back sadly.
He did leave some treats for the kids.
An Ariel doll for Missy
and, of course,
a (Dino)Lego set for M Bug.
The kids were over the moon that
the leprechaun also left behind a mess
of Lucky Charms and green milk!
That was all they could talk about all day long!!!
Of course, we capped off the day
with a BBQ with friends
and some Guinness!
In honor of the day, we had potatoes
(heh. sorry I should not laugh, it was really horrific
the pototo famine... it was unintentional I swear!)
and green bean casserole.
I tried out a new chicken marinade
from The Moosewood cookbook 
that was fabulous!
Finally, my girlfriend brought a Bailey's soaked trifle
for the adults that was to die for!
The kids had ice cream, it was not green.

Have I mentioned that we skipped spring here?
Summer it is!
Missy at day care in a bucket!
Too flippin' cute!
And oh my what a spectacular show
mother nature has been putting on.
The average temps have been in the mid 70s, low 80s
and sunny with fat, fluffy white clouds.
It is just... heaven sent.
My most favorite tree in our yard.
It only blooms like this for about two weeks
so I must enjoy it while I can!
Finally.... but definitely not last, nor least
Truly for me this is what I think of
when I think of Spring.
He is my Spring Baby.
Less than a month till he is SEVEN!
Oh my.
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