Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today my littlest bug turned seven!  He was even up enjoying the fifth book of Harry Potter to give me a hug and run out and yet to his Dad 'I was born at this time' then minutes later he ran back out and said 'I just peed on you!'  Heh.  Ah he is totally delightful and amazing and a super star.  There are so many wonderful amazing things I could say about M Bug.  I am not in the mood to wax poetic.  I do not feel sad that he is getting older, I feel proud and happy and amazed with each passing day just like when he was a tiny newborn baby.  I do sometimes think about baby M Bug in relationship to this tall thin muscular kid who cracks me up all day long who loves science and math and reading Harry Potter books because holy cow we did that, we not only made that little baby M Bug but we helped to shape this big wise cracking cutie pie M Bug! 

I will say I hope he keeps cracking me up for years and years to come.  I hope keeps doing amazingly well in school and his teachers and classmates adore him as much in the years to come as they do right now.  I hope he loves sports and being on a team and working hard to achieve more with each passing year.  I guess more than hoping, I know he will!  I am proud to be his Momma.  I love him so very much.  I am deeply proud of him. There is nothing better than that.  SEVEN!
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