Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthday Party, Belated

M Bug opted for a Y birthday again,
more specifically a kickball party.
 Overall a good time was had by all.
M Bug was a little upset
about half way through because
they NOT were playing kickball
exactly right... poor guy :(
At first I was going to go all Pinterest on this party
then I got to thinking how kind of...
douchey that seemed
Plus I had fantastic birthday parties as a kid
and they were totally like 70s cheese
with a home baked cake, you know
like in a circle with a layer that my Mom baked?!
Mismatched party stuff and party dresses
and pin the tail on the donkey
and gifties...
So I went with it.
I did a few things
I bought a cake and made little gift
bags for the kids to take home
They had footballs in them.
Other then that the Y staff ran everything.
It was totally groovy!

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