Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bus Drivers are SO COOL!

M Bug is currently in L-O-V-E with our local teeny bopper pop radio station. Get this, he listens to it before he goes to sleep at night. And he totally sings along to Adele and Selena, whom he also has a crush on. Possibly on a related note, she is the reason he so strongly dislikes Justin Bieber. HA. Good for him, no not a Bielver… Bielber? Whatevs, you get the idea. I do not have the heart to tell him about One Direction. He will learn.

So my favorite part about his discovery of the local pop station is that one day he was signing the words to a Selena Gomez song and I was all “what are you singing anyway?” And he was all “Mommmmmmm, Selena Gomez duhhhhh.”

It took me a couple of weeks to ask the next question, the all important follow up question. “M Bug how do you know that song?” as he sang it for what seemed like 1,353rd time. “Oh, well Larry plays it.” Me: “Larry? Which Larry? THE BUS DRIVER?!” M Bug: “Yeah. Larry the bus driver listens to that station. And he’s cool. We should listen to that station Mom!”

Err, I never imagined our first brush with what is this? Peer pressure? Following? Whatever it is… would be because of his 60+ year old BUS DRIVER!

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