Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

I have been thinking about what a year this has been.  Both good and maybe not so good.  I feel like those year end blog posts from everyone under the sun drive me zee crazee. 

I feel really lucky to live here in this town in this place in my life now.  I have moments especially work related where I start to let myself slip into feeling oh I do not know WAIL poor me.  The thing is all of these years I spent moving and leaving and going and not having a home.  I was born in NY and moved to CA which I disliked for years.  Than I moved to MI and WI and MI and IN.  I never felt I had a home, a place I loved and never really wanted to leave.  I always wanted to move and travel and 'go places' but once we put down roots here I just felt like I was home.  I lost the intense need to leave.  I still love to travel but it is different, it is more meaningful.  Perhaps that is age speaking to.  When K played hockey I begged him to play overseas, I thought that would be amazing.  Then I start chatting with people who did it and of course it was not all that I thought it would be.  We never did the overseas thing but I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that I had I taken different paths like those old choose your path books my life would be different today.  I am not taking going or not would have made life good or bad I am just saying it would have changed the path I was on to get me here today.

This year in particular for some reason has struck a chord with me.  I am grateful, forever deeply, happy and grateful.  I no longer wish to be back in California and I no longer look over my shoulder and wish for the next great place to live.  I do know that I have not felt so at home any place ever in my life.  Like I have found the right place for me.  Now I just need to keep making the most of what I have here, being grateful for this amazing life we have.  For good or bad, here is my list of highlights that have happened this year that I feel have altered my path in life

My sweet pup Santana passed away.
We took on some house projects at long last!
I ran my third half marathon.
I trained for and succeeded at completing my first marathon.
We planted a garden in the place where we formerly planned to put a pool.
We enjoyed time at our neighbor's house, we feel truly blessed to live surrounded by lovely people.
Missy learned to write and she is so close to learning to read.
I cannot even believe I am writing this but I got a smart phone!
We went our first Mummies concert ;)
M Bug played hockey for the 1st time and loved it!
Missy will move up to the big kid's class in the fall at gymnastics.
M Bug lost his eighth tooth!
K's Oma, the kid's Great Oma, came to visit.  She is NINETY. She is amazing too.
M Bug turned SEVEN.
M Bug played a big part in his first play and read a poem that he wrote at school!

I think the point of this exercise for me was that everything does not have to be huge and amazing to make changes in our lives.  Often it is the mundane that makes all of the difference and I love that.

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