Friday, May 18, 2012


Something about getting older and my recent ongoing “situation” with work has pushed me stay small, enjoy the smallest things I can, let go of bigness of the situation and just know that life is going to be okay, this is not the end of the world, that crying or being angry or feeling lost is not going to help me out of this conundrum.

With that said I did nearly burst into tears on my poor three year old the other morning because she was having her usual morning freak out and I was tired and the other day at work sucked donkey butt and man I just wanted her to stop whining because I really felt like whining but I must totally DIGRESS at this point because I feel bad enough that I had to fight back tears because she was fighting back tears and I really hate this aspect of life, the morning rush…

However I truly I have recently taken on looking at and truly deeply loving the small things in my daily life!

We received companion tickets that we planned to use for our summer travels. However, we discovered they did not work well for our trips to Seattle and Winnipeg. So why not make apple juice out of apples? No, I like apples… oh lemons lemonade then!

We looked at nonstop flights from the big city with an airport near us. We came up with not surprisingly a small handful of locations. Total pain in the rear to live near a large-ish airport but not one that is a hub, I tell you it is brutal. Drum roll… we settled on Boston! YAY!!!

I am excited about this trip! I went to Boston with my mother when I was like four. My only memories of the place are some kind of cobblestone walkway, a book store full of more Curious George “stuff” than I had ever seen in my short life and something about that odd memory has always endeared Curious George to me.  Possibly because I got a book AND a Curious George doll (!) and I recall a general sense of awe over this city that has lasted all these years.

I love the Northeast and I am so excited for this trip even if it is months away!

We have A squirrel in our ‘hood. I just keep hoping for more! Love those weird little critters.

While K and M Bug were playing football and Missy was shooting hoops in the backyard on Sunday, I suddenly noticed a robin’s nest filled with wee baby beaks popping up and down! So sweet, I wondered why that Robin kept squawking at us every time we have been in the yard for weeks now.

I love how the sky looks at night, we have had this amazing crystal clear weather and the night sky has simply been impressive when I come out of the gym. In direct relation to the night sky after the gym, I love how the air smells after exercising. It is like everything smells better, clean, refreshed, renewed.

I have had the unexpected chance to enjoy the sunshine on the side our building at work past few days. It is like an undiscovered spot that I wonder how I have missed for the past nine years of working here.

Realizing how long I have survived worked at this job.

How soft Lucy’s floppy ears are and how she gives the best hang dog expression ever and how she has really come into her own since we lost Santana to which I feel glad for her to have her moment in the sun if you will.

Lucy loves cheese and she gets down right perky when she hears the crinkle of the cheese block coming out!

When Missy traces letters with her fingers, she is trying with all of her might to do this reading thing, I just know she can do it and that is amazing to me… mah babe!

This weekend is garage sale weekend! SO excited. And maybe the farmer’s market and I am planning to get a little anniversary present for my sweet husband who... wow, he does a lot. He is the epitome of a modern day dad. He does it all and more often than not he does it with grace, dignity, and love

The flesh cold air in the morning, it is the perfect way to start these beautiful sunny warm days we’ve been having.

When I was a child, my mother had a plaque with the Desiderata hanging on her wall. I love this piece. I read it daily and it always been woven into my thoughts. In particular, the line that resonates with to this day, that I repeat to myself on an ongoing basis and the line at which I most often fail is 'Go placidly amid the noise and confusion, and remember what peace there may be in silence.' Sometimes we just have to quiet ourselves, our minds and our bodies, and see the tiniest of things to change our attitude.

My other favorite line is this: “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” It is, it really is.

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