Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Sure Vs. Want To Do

I gave running a try on Sunday.  I ended up doing two miles with M Bug very slowly.  It was good that he was with me or else I would have done three at a faster pace which would have been bad thing as it turns out. I could hardly walk that evening and Monday.  Almost to the point of feeling as bad if not worse then after the marathon!  Oh dear...

Any who, I have on my training schedule this week:
Tu     3m
We    2m
Th     3m
Sa     4m

Last week was a bust in some ways.  I rode the recumbent bike twice at 30 minutes a pop, did sit-ups one day and weights the next time.  And I ran the 2m slowly Sunday.  Not exactly the plan I set out which is truly an issue.  If I get off plan, I just stop doing stuff altogether.  The thing is that I feel like over the course of six months I spent a ton of time away from home, my husband, and my family.  I am trying to prioritize family before running/working out right now.  I think we all need that.  However I am still as cranky as ever and I should be less so with all of the rest I am getting.  YET... still cranky.  Permanent disposition perhaps?!  Oh boy, oh joy.

I am thinking tonight I will drag out the swimming gear, try for a short run at 3 miles or under depending on how my ankles hol dup and then get into the pool.  Ugh.  Swimming would require some additional thought for me.  I mean I can just get in and do a couple thousand but oh my that would be ultra boring.  40 laps without any rhyme nor reason?!  I would rather have a short workout in mind.  Warm-up.  5 x 100 at a very slow pace.  10 x 50 at a faster than slow pace?  200 warm-down?  Blerg.  We shall see.

I think if my ankle(s) do not start to get better I will likely be back at some kind of doctor.  One way or another I need to get my legs in order or else running will slowly be out of the question for an extended period of time.  Oddly as a kid I had bone spurs on my feet that were bad enough that they hurt all of the time.  I used to run and do lots of cross training related dry land for swimming likely with crappy shoes...  Spurs can occur due to ill fitting shoes and genetics if I recall correctly.  Right now that is what my ankles feel like.  At this point, I do not frankly care what it is so much as I want it to go away! 

Any who, all of the information I can find on the potential issues I might have say rest, ice, particular stretching exercises and anti-inflammatory meds (advil or tylenol).  Sort of the generalized things one would hear for any lingering "injury" that is not so bad that one can still operate.  There is also a strong suggestion to do low impact versus high impact exercise.  Rest does not mean sit on my tuckus and eat my brains out.  Elliptical, swimming and bike are all suggested.  So as it goes if I cannot run, I will swim and lift weights.  Oh like a circle life repeats itself. I am sixteen again, I am sixteen again....

There is a lot of I am not sure mixed with a lot of I want to do... I have added and re-done my race calendar for the summer.  I want to run at least one 5k each month and I pretty much have decided to do a half marathon in November.  That will give me goals for the next six-eight months.  Of course, that is all pending issues related to my body.

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