Friday, May 4, 2012

Running Snippets: The Next Steps

Retrospectively, I am closing in nearly a full week since I did the marathon.  I feel much better.  If not for the Achilles heel issues, I would have considered a run last night.  It was perfect weather for that! I opted to just eat ice cream instead.  Fair trade, right?!

I rode the recumbent bike the night before without any resistance really and it was fine.  I did that for 30 minutes and some sit ups.  My knee hurt the most doing that but more of a twinge that said 'ouch you just made me run 26.2 miles and now you are trying to get me to bike, eff off!'

I was planning to swim this week but as per the usual the motivation to get the gear together which includes namely that I have a cap and goggles that are in good working order was very low.  I need to call my mother tonight has it has been more than a month since I have been tortured talked to her but I am thinking a little swim might be a great thing to do.  There is no quick or easy conversation with my mother so it might be a one or the other thing... I have been just eating whatever this week without much thought and I feel like that is fine.  Next week I need to get back to things though!

I was trying to sign up for a 5k on the 26th of May but the links were not working.  I am still planning to run that just to stay in the game. 

Next week, I am going to try running again but I am also just going to cross train as well.  Swim/recumbent/weights/elliptical something like that.  I have a training schedule written up for the entire month of May running wise so I just need to adhere to that and if I do sign up for the 5k I will be further motivated!

One thing that was suggested to me was to do this 30/30 training schedule. I liked the sound of it.  It is used to build of endurance without killing myself.  30 minutes of steady even running for 30 days.  That would mean no days off I assume.  I need to do a little homework on it but I would like to build endurance without doing harm to my body so this would definitely fit that profile. 

The biggest order of business is to check out more shoes.  I am going to stick to the Neutral/Neutral performance shoes but I think I need to find something new at this point.  The Saucony's I am running in at this point need to be replaced.  I bought a pair of Mizunos that caused the Achilles issues so that sucks.  They were $100 bucks.  Blerg. I am thinking about trying these Saucony shoes. Though the color of these and the fact that they are the next version of the current shoe I am wearing might get me!  I have liked the Saucony's best thus far. I think I just need to keep trying on shoes and see what happens, even at $100+ a pop!

I also want to start working on nutrition a little more.  I like to eat simply put and I do love me some junk food.  I probably will not entirely give up that or weekend beer but I would love to become more lean.  I think being more lean will allow me to get to the next level and PR more often.  I have a couple of books on my Amazon list that I going to check out of the library to see if they are any good before actually buying them. This one and this one in particular are of interest.

Everyone keeps telling me the next step in my running journey is to do triathlons.  Dear lord... NO.  Since I was 17 and a freshman in college, I have been told/asked to try triathlons.  NO.  I can swim and run and bike and I actually love all three but I have about zero desire to do all three at one time for time and feel that pain.  I did talk to Neurosurgeon this week who has done 7 marathons and now runs Ultras.  He made me think about the possibility of training for another marathon... maybe, down the road :)!  Oh dear...
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