Friday, May 11, 2012

Sorting Things Out

I am trying to sort things...
I cannot concentrate
Some days just thinking hurts
and I am tired
Insomnia robs me of sleep
yet exhaustion robs me concentration
Once would think if I am tired
Insomonia is not so kind
even to the exhausted.
Work has put me on edge.
There is no away around it
Perhaps this move was
not a good idea
yet there is seemingly
no way back.
Part status was lovely
I was productive and rested
This new market
alternately has robbed me
productively and restfulness.
My wee babies suffer
most from this
K is a close second.
I need to shore this up.
 I need to find a happy medium
I need to make work productive
then I will be restful again.
It is very very very

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