Friday, May 25, 2012

To Do List: Summer Edition

Today is the last of school for M Bug.  He will start the SECOND GRADE this fall.  WOW.  I saw Miss Zoot's list of 40 things to try to do this summer.  I shamelessly stole the list and made it my own.  What a fun idea.  Even if we do not get to these things, it was fun to think about what we might do!

Actually I do not care if we do not get to this list.  I will be happy for my kids to do what they did last night which was to play without adult interruption (we adults were too busy discussing decks and landscaping for like TWO HOURS!) at our neighbor's house on the trampoline.  Then they ran between the two houses, gates wide open, screaming and yelling still the sun went down. They were dirty and exhausted and happy at little sweet clams.  That is how summer should be! 

1. Home-made popsicles
2. Chalk and Bubble time in the front yard
3. Swim at the Y
4. Bowling
5. See a baseball game
6. Go to the library
7. Backyard camping
8. Ride bikes on the trail
9. Water Balloon Fight
10. Water Gun Fight
11. Take a hike in BCSP
12. Walk on campus
13. Go to a Zoo
14. Go to the local children’s “museum”
15. Catch fireflies
16. Watch fireworks
17. Have a picnic
18. Do the drive up at Sonic
19. Outdoor concert
20. See a movie
21. Go to the lake beach and dig in the sand
22. Go to a Farmer’s Market
23. Make strawberry shortcakes with the berries from our garden!
24. Stargazing
25. Wash the car
26. Ice cream truck
27. Go to Cascades park
28. Stomp rockets
29. Make T-Shirts – get crafty!
30. Run in a kid’s run
31. Splash pad
32. See a play (GO DOG GO!)
33. Watch a parade
34. House dance party
35. Play hide and seek
36. Root beer floats on the back deck
37. Play basketball in the driveway
38. Watch the Olympics
39. Make weird Lego objects
40. Lemonade stand

There are already a bunch of these we have done but heck we can do them again and again and... you get the idea!  HAPPY START OF THE SUMMER TO ALL!
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