Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Stuff

Oh hai! Yes I am here.  Tap tap.  This thing on?  Totally losing the battle with no tech in the evening.  Probably need to rethink that one.  Oh well.

What's new with me?  Oh you know... the usual.  The children.  Work. K. The gardens. Running. Wash rinse repeat.  That may sound like I am bored by it but I am most definitely not.

I had a four mile run this evening and besides the fact that I over indulged in dinner, it was a-mazing out there.  68 degrees, sunny with a light breeze.  The views along the way were just breath taking.  I love where I get to run and where I get to live.

I ran that 5k on Saturday.  It turned out that the morning was the most beautiful part of the day.  Cool, bright sunny, just the right amount of cool and warmth in the air.  It was teeny race which is sort of bummer because it supports a good cause, teachers, but alas I think there are some issues.  Regardless it was the best 5k I have ever run.  Two reasons: I finished with my lungs exactly where they should be... in my chest and I had a ton of fun running it.  I did not intend to run it fast I just wanted to run a race.  Goal achieved.  Turns out their were 90 walkers and runners and I finished 20th! 1st in my age group and I just missed being the 3rd place woman finisher by .10! I was so happy to be a part of this run and had so much that I signed up to run another 5k in a nearby town this coming Saturday.  Mission accomplished!

I find the more I think I want to do something, like OH say eat better or stop using technology in the evenings, I end up doing it MORE.  What the hell is that all about!? 

I took my lunch hour for once today and K and I had a great talk.  We have been wanting to reassess our five year goals and just have some quiet away from the kids time to talk.  We never do that in the evenings because YO I am totally on the computer all evening long!  No but it was good. I mean he and I have considered different things in our lives over time for a lot of different reasons.  We both essentially want the same thing and that is we do not want to move the kids anywhere.  We want to stay put in this house in this town for as long as God is willing.  So it was good. I think I have allowed myself to stray in thinking that we might make a big change and I was short changing myself at work, IN A HUGE WAY.  So I feel more on track, we feel more on track.

Jeepers, we painted more of the living room this past weekend.  We are still waiting on a reasonable estimate for the deck.  I threw out the idea of tabling that update until next summer but I think we are going to keep trying to find someone and a decent estimate.  We had one person/company say $12k+.  That just seems outrageous and that was just for wood!  Holy goodness.  We are planning to move forward with the new carpet and hopefully eventually we will have a deck by the end of the summer and our upstairs will be fully painted!  Pretty happy about that.

Time marches on, today I am marching forward happily!
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