Friday, June 1, 2012

Keeping Score?

Technology 1, Me ZERO.  Totally not winning on that simplify by turning off the media at 5:00p thing. Oh well.  At least I am conscience and aware of my goal when I do turn it on.  Next step: stopping myself from turning it on rather then turning it on and just feeling guilty!

Decided to attack my acne issues in a new way.  I suppose letting you know that I have tried a number of options/solutions from soap water and toner to over the counter items both cheap and expensive to going to an actual derm and getting medicine that I hated to jeepers...I have had acne since I was like ten and I am now 38 so you do the math!  I have done or used every product known to man with little to no result besides the pill which worked but made me crazy and I will never take accutane because dude NO. 

In an effort to avoid going to see a Dermatologist both  because of the cost and because I do not want to take harsh medicines/lotions/creams, I am going to try some "holistic" or "nature" options.  One is a natural acne medicine called Clearin and the other is a bunch of items that together might help reduce my issues.  They include tea tree oil, vitamins A and B5, apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts as well as a marked increase in the amount of water I consume/decrease in the level of caffeine I intake (oh that will be hard... as hard as the no tech thing after five... HARDER!)

I am running a 5k on Saturday morning.  Ha.  It makes me laugh because I am not exactly in shape for it. Not out of shape just not in the right shape for a short fast run.  I have been running willy nilly and riding the bike/elliptical here and there and even lifting weights/doing sit-ups/jacks/etc.  Planning to take it for it is, a fun run.  I figure it can be a way to do an early morning run to get it out of the way for the rest of the day.  I did run a fairly quick 3m run last night and it was pretty okay so away I go.

Oh super excited about this! Bought our tickets to the local craft beer fest! YAY. Did the 1st annual one last year and it was so great we are definitely doing it again. The location is neat at an old stone quarry which by next year they will have broken ground on some obnoxiously large gymnastics studio in the area so I am glad to have one last hurrah at this location!

I have had trouble off and on with indigestion. I notice it flares up when I am stressed out and then I run.  Last night I was overly stressed about work and while running I had to fight the burps the whole time which left me with a dull pain on the left side of chest near where my heart seems to be but upon several instances of this where the first few times hypochondriac me googled obsessively about this all the while thinking I am having a heart attack GAW but I found the same answer over and over again: acid reflux/indigestion and sometimes this can be brought on by stress. 

Note to self: next simply my life task, remove stress and/or let go of things that cause me great stress (Bawhahahah). 

Eh well looking forward to the weekend for no other reason then it is the weekend.  Last soccer game for M Bug, it is supposed to be mild and sunny and I am looking forward to gardening and painting more of the house!

Happy weekend to all!
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