Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I ran another 5k this past Saturday!

It was another beautiful amazing morning for a race. It was sunny and crisp still when I arrived and did not really get warm until the end part of the race.

This was an even smaller race than the previous one. There were a total of 70 walker/runners and it was 5k/10k. I think I saw about 20-25 10k runners head out before I left.

The course was flat and fairly easy to navigate minus the damn potholes which I spent some time weaving in and out of.

I started out the same way I did the week before holding back on the first mile. This is tough on me. I want to go all out but I know in my heart of hearts that if I do that I will be a mess on the last mile. SO I held back.

I just got into a groove and enjoyed the dang corn field I was running past!

I am working on building up so my last mile is the fastest. I need to see if I did that. I felt like I did. I also need to keep on doing that speed and pace work. I know I need to do that because both my lungs and lack of oomph at the end tell me so!

I felt less in control then I did the week before. That is both good and bad. The good of being a little less in control is that I ran faster than last week, the bad is that I ran harder which makes me nervous as I do not want to get injured. I think the lack of control helps me ignore the feeling that my lungs are going to explode but the flip side of that is that I run harder without realizing my knee or ankle might be hurting (they were not, merely an example of what I can do when I just get reckless with running!)

It was more humid when we hit the finish line then the week before and this race started a full hour EARLIER! It was a hot weekend here.

I ran a PR! 23:26.4. I finished 21st overall and 1st in my age group.

I am happy and positive about the time though admittedly I was disappointed and I would have liked to go faster. I think I was hanging back a little too much in mile 2 trying to keep something back for mile 3. I feel like if I had I pushed harder at mile 2 I know I could have been in the 22 range.

We are going to visit family this week. I will likely not be able to run while we are away. If I do, it will likely be a very short run opportunity and likely not at the level I want to run.

Craft beer fest was good fun but I realized two things. It is much harder to recover from over drinking as I get older and I do not like being that out of control. Next year I might have to be designated driver and just enjoy the music?!

Anyway, between feeling pretty bleck from the weekend and the impending trip (stressful family adventure, the stress of seeing my immediate family and a long trip that requires some thought to packing for cooler temps/rain) I hope I can get my act together to run at least three days before taking a five day break! Even with a five day break I should have a solid ten days to get running again before the next race.

AND the next 5k I am hoping to do is on June 30th!

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