Thursday, June 7, 2012

Speedy Gonzales

In keeping with the random stuff that happens in my life as well as the ongoing obsession interest in running here are some more random thoughts about... running.

I am still determined to get 22:00 in a 5k. The race I ran last Saturday I finished at 24:33. I barely ran/trained and I was watching my Nike+ watch to closely on mileage before it dawned on me that I need to be watching the CLOCK, not the mileage. Excuses all of them! No I mean really I went to that race with no intention of finishing faster than what I ran. I would like to kick it up a notch at the 5k this weekend. Supposedly it is a fairly flat non-curving course whereas the one I did last Saturday was relatively flat, there were three little uphill parts but nothing bad but it was VERY curvy and we ended up running back and forth a lot of roads to avoid cars which I think takes up a lot of time.

Yesterday evening I did some speed work. A couple of things I discovered. I have not done speed work in a long time. Like at least two years. I have been so focused on longer races, the marathon and 1/2s, that I just got out of doing any of that stuff. The current challenge is running fast. I have spent a lot of time telling myself to slow down to a comfortable long distance pace so it has been a little bit more mentally challenging to get myself into the mindset of running a short fast race.

I happened up on a little speed work pyramid and decided I need to do it. I have to say I was sort of doing that already once a week going all out hard for about three miles on the treadmill. This pyramid was 800, 400, 200, 200, 400, 800. My only goal for this speed work was “to go fast” on the parts I need to go fast. To that end, I did. I would say I ran in the 7:50-8:00 mile pace if not faster. The key to this pyramid that I came across was allowing for FULL recovery. Something I never did when doing this stuff in the past. It made for a longer run (4 miles total) but it also made it easier in some ways. I mean I was hot, sweaty and dying after each speed run but it was nice to recover in between so that my slower pace was more like 9:00-9:30. I really noticed what a difference recovery did for each part of the pyramid I could really push and go pretty fast each time!

The biggest thing I learned and a goal I had over the course of the summer was to run outside more and ignore my watch to some degree. I found it very difficult to stay at a steady fast pace like I would do if I were on a treadmill. Obviously a treadmill is a manufactured way of running and there is nothing wrong with that. However for me I lose the feeling of running on a treadmill. I pound a lot more and I tend to be “injured” during the winter months from all of that pounding. So I worked really hard to stay on a steady fast pace while running which made me look like a total dork. It is as if running fast like that on a treadmill is less dorky? I don’t know… I just felt silly running SO fast, I wanted to tell people I was passing “just doing some speed work!” …That might be dorkier!

I am planning to incorporate the speed work stuff into my weekly runs but I also want to do some pace work like run for 30 minutes at X pace. That was another thing I used to do a lot of back when I first started to run and I liked it well enough. It will keep eyes off the mileage and more on the pace of things.

The Nike+ upgrade happened yesterday and I like it pretty well. There are some new and expanded features to it that I like. It offered more choices for how my run went and I think the over look is nicer than the old one. The only negative I could find was that I could not set my own goals. I have to use the premade Nike ones which bothered me before too. Also, they took away the one goal I did want to accomplish which I mentioned above and that is to run at a certain pace for an extended period of time. I set a 5 run goal at 9:00 min pace and I was four into it when the upgrade happened so it did not transfer. BOO

Apparently yesterday was National Running Day. Whatever that means. I ran so go me!

My runs this week have been random. I am not following a plan even though I printed out a Hal Higdon one for a 5k race. Mostly I just ignore it. I am just going with things week by week right and having a total blast doing it!

Mon: Rest – I was feeling sick and tired

Tues: 4 miles, just a run to run!

Wed: 4 miles, speed work pyramid above

Thur: 3 miles is the plan for the moment

Fri: Rest OR ride the recumbent bike

Sat: 5k (3.1 miles)

Sun: Rest – Post Craft BEER Fest!

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