Thursday, June 14, 2012


A quick post before the trip…

I knew this week would be rough on running.

Training Schedule for the next three weeks:
June 11-17
Tues- 3 miles (easy)
Wed – Rec bike 40 miles (20 min on two different courses) weights and sit-ups
Thur- 4 miles (Speed work pyramid)
Fri – Travel, god love me if I do not eat every fried thing between here and Seattle!
Sat – 3 miles (pace)
Sun – Off

June 18-24
Tues- Travel, again I can only hope that I survive
Wed – 3.5 miles (easy
Th- 4 miles (speed work pyramid)
Fri- 4 miles (pace work)
Sat – 5 miles
Sun – Off/Rec Bike

June 25-30
Tue- 3.5 miles (easy)
Wed – 4 miles (speed work pyramid)
Thur- 4 miles (pace)
Fri- Off
Sat- 5k race

I did leave it fairly open during our time away. I feel like if I have the energy and sometime in the evenings to run at the hotel I will do it. I am not sure I will get to doing 4 miles tonight so it might be a long period of time where I do not run. That is okay or I need to be okay with that.

Travel is always hard on running for me. I have the best intentions but getting my butt out on the treadmill at the hotel or worse yet when we go to Canada on the road especially roads I do not know is hard. Seattle is hard because of the time change and tired kids and a long trip.

One day in the future I suspect travel and running will get easier. I am off to work. I mostly wanted to put my schedule out there for myself.

Back to regularly (ish) scheduled programming sometime soon!
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