Monday, July 9, 2012

My Star

Gawsh these seem old.
We are taking a break from gymnastics for the summer.
This was her last "show" before our break.
Missy loves gymnastics.
She is excited to start back in the fall.
Her instructor told me she could move up
to the next age group even though she
will be younger than the group.
She is ready.
She was little shy at first
but once she got going
she did amazingly well.
Far from her usual super shy self.
It was great to see her so happy and serious
about  her show!
On a related note, I am SO excited
for the Olympics to start soon.
When gymnastics trails were on
Missy nearly flipped her lid when
she saw them.
It is safe to say that my kids have
found their passions for now.
M Bug is geeked for track and field and soccer
Missy is super excited for gymnastics.
Me? ALL OF IT!!!
The Monday Morning Group!
Missy Mallory whom we love and Missy
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