Thursday, August 2, 2012



Today you came into my life. I am forever blessed because of that moment when you arrived. You have been like a smile in my heart and mind ever since that time.

A happy sparkle that is always on the edge of my vision that drives me forward to be a better me.

You are without a doubt your own person. You have always with single minded determination shown me that you are strong willed, beautiful and, without a doubt, fearless.

I smile just thinking about that little smattering of freckles on the bridge of your nose, the spark in your eye, your wild red hair and your infectious giggle.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are everything I ever hoped for in a daughter and more.

And today you are only four. I say only because I cannot wait to see how your life unfolds because you are all of these things today and with so much more living to do it is exciting to consider your future!

This past year has been the hardest for me. You have definitely become more independent and I have struggled with my own work - life balance. Those two things, your independence and my struggle to balance my life, do not seem related but they are. I do tend to see you as my baby and it has been hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you are changing into a little girl seemingly without my noticing. I want to notice, I do not want to miss anything.

Some things from this past year that you learned or did:
You learned to ride a big kid bike with training wheels and you LOVE it
You learned how to spell your name
You learned to write many of your letters/say your ABC and count to twenty!
You have a bunch of songs committed to memory that you love to sing
You love to put on musical shows for us
You learned to float in the pool by yourself on your back/front
You draw actual pictures with people and animals and things that we can identify
You love gymnastics and go there with a huge smile on your face but you are serious about learning to do it when you are there
You are an amazing listener
You love books and reading and try to follow along; you so want to read by yourself
You mourned the loss of Santana that verged on frustrating but also the love, courage and kindness you had for his loss struck me as insanely deep for someone so little
You like to tell jokes
You love to swing and swing and swing and you do it as often as you can!
You are fearless in the water
You are painfully shy
You love to pick flowers and give them to me
You helped Daddy plant the veggie garden and gleefully help to pick everything from it
You love to do whatever M Bug and O are doing
You can call O on the phone to come over
You are still the most amazing hugger on the face of this planet
You love to help out at day care with the littler kids
You just love to help every chance you get
You love your brother and do whatever he tells you even if it involves skinned knees and bruised shins
You LOVE clothing and will change your outfit three times a day much to my chagrin
You started to sleep in your own bed all night long!
You like pink lip gloss, painted nails, and sun glasses
You love to run and cannot wait to do a “real” run this fall
You learned to ice skate!

I am sure there is more. This is what I can remember today. So much, so much is happening in your world right now. This coming year will be filled with changes and excitement, growth and learning. I am so proud of you, proud to be your mother and have you in my world; it is truly more amazing because you are here.

I know on the night you were born, we smiled. We knew we had made an amazing and wonderful addition to our family and we are forever grateful for your presence four years later.

Happiest FOURTH Birthday Missy Moo. I love you.

Birthday hugs and kisses,



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