Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lucky to See Luck

I did not break the 22 mark on Saturday but I got a little closer.  23:12.  SO CLOSE on a rough hilly course. It was a beautiful late summer/early fall feeling day.  Cool and sunny and bright and lovely like football season is here!  :)

Of course as the day progress I was tired and sore and thought about skipping the run on Sunday.  We ate, drank and were merry.  It was great!  And bad because I was under motivated to do the Sunday run.

But I turned around and ran a fantastic 8.28 miles this morning.  Sundays have been fun lately.  I have been going out at a non stupid hour (late in the evening or break oh dawn) in the morning and having these great runs.  I set the watch running and decide to run for 60-70 minutes and however many miles that might be and do some of kind loop around town.  It has just been incredible.  It has just been great.  The long runs can be a slug fest so doing this way has just been more fun.

Half marathon training begins today!  Pretty excited to run a half again.  Something I learned from marathon training earlier this year is to be flexible and I feel like I can be more flexible with half training than I could be with the marathon stuff.  I know if I miss or change something in this 12 weeks of training that it will be okay.  That and have fun.

I still want to get more toned/lose weight.  Eating poorly over the weekend reminded me how bad that makes me feel.  My goals include (again and again... you cannot accuse me of giving up!) lifting weights, sit-ups and some cross training to help with this. 

The other thing I am working on and hope to keep doing is consistent faster running.  I know I stopped pushing myself to do training runs faster.  I just had no interest to do it anymore the past year and I placated myself with marathon training by thinking that I did not need to run faster.  As I have been trying to get where I want to be goal wise in this 5k I am seeing that attitude was not working for me on a variety of levels plus it is more fun to get better. Honestly getting faster or better or whatever is necessarily the goal but if I set something to do it makes running more interesting.

Other stuff this weekend: we went to the Colts pre-season game.  We had tickets that kicked ass and we got to see Luck play his new role as QB for the first half.  The kiddos seemed to have fun. Missy is not very good with loud noises and crowds but we got her through the first 10 or 15 minutes.  I took her for a long walk through the lobby area and we talked about what was going to happen back at the seats.  I remembered an announcement about getting a button for the first game and we happened on the place you can get those.  We stopped to get her a button and she was out of this world plus K and Miss met a crazy Colts guy who gave her a bead necklace and mini Colt helmet thing earlier so she was thrilled to get all of that.  She was mostly happy and we plied her candy and pizza!  She loved the sparkles.  Every time the Colts score a goal they would shoot confetti and streamers.  Missy thought this was the best and screamed and jumped up and down.  M Bug was just happy and wide eyed and happy. 

Great weekend, great runs, fun times. 
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