Friday, August 10, 2012

Running Report

This week:
Monday - nothing, I was tired out from Missy's birthday party and I had a pile of laundry to fold so I did that and watched the Olympics.  It felt good!
Tuesday - 4 miles (sit-ups)
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 2 miles
Friday - Off (sit-ups)

I changed it up this week.  I did a little more and worked on consistency when I did the longer runs on Tues/Wed.  I did a light run last night.  All the runs were okay.  I always feel better on Tuesday and things go down hill from there.  Thursday's run was fine but it was short so it is hard to tell. I really want to get to that 22 goal this weekend in the 5k race.  I have not looked at the course so I have no idea if it is hilly or what.  22 here I come DARN IT!

I start the 1/2 marathon training this Sunday.  I am supposed to rest.  Lame.  So I am planning to run 9 miles.  HA.  Totally lame.  I am not going to be able to stick to a schedule.  It is just tiresome to do that.  I wanna have some fun! 

I found the same running shoes I am running in right now, black and blue Kinvara2's, for $50 no shipping/handling.  Uber excited about the cost and the fact that I do not have to change out of the 2s to the new upgraded 3s that I heard run smaller than the current ones.  I love my Saucony runners but they do not last long, three-four months.  It sucks to pay full price for these shoes when I know I am just going to buy them four times a year?!

I am trying to find some new music to listen to when running.  I am bored with what I have right now but I am kind of picky about music.  A lot of stuff that most people like does not do it for me.  I am thinking I might need to take a break from listening to music when I run so I can enjoy the music I do like again.

I am also considering a switch the Nike+ to a Garmin. I like the idea of GPS type watch so my runs are most accurate.  Right now I know my pace and distance are WAY off and it is not that important but I am kind of anal like that and would love a more accurate system rather than guessing all the time.  More dummy proof for me - the numbers/space/distance/map challenged individual.

I am pretty happy that I have running right now.  There are have been a number of situations lately at work that without running I would have gone over the edge. So in all running = good for me = happiness.

I am hoping this fall to get better with my diet something I struggled with all summer long to lose some of the weight I want to lose, get back into weight lifting and get my rump to bed at a better time (10:00pm is healthier for me than 2:00am, shocking I know!)

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