Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am just proud of M Bug.  He's such a good guy.  I mean there are times when he gets grouchy or his sister drives him batty and he yells at her but for the most part, the biggest part, he is amazing. 

He has without asking helped get Missy out of bed some mornings when she's difficult and doesn't want to go to daycare. 

He is fierce when it comes to sports.  He loves the challenge of everything from dodge ball to soccer.

He knows what he likes.  For instance, he likes to watch all sports.  He likes to play football, soccer, and hockey.  He does not like to play baseball or basketball. 

He loves a challenge.  This week he came home with some hard spelling words.  They were pretty tough and it was a holiday so he received the words for the week a day later than usual.  His teacher does a pre-test.  If the kids get the words right on the pre-test they get out of the test on Friday.  This is right up M Bug's alley.  We sat down on Tuesday night and practiced like mad.  He got a 12/10.  He did not miss any.  He just puts his head down to achieve a goal.

Seriously the kid has mad math skills. 

He never complains about doing his homework and he adores school.

He and his best little buddy were split up this year.  We were not sure how that would go.  Turns out it gave M Bug a chance to stretch his wings.  He seems to have come into himself.

He is just a good guy.  He is quiet and honest and likes to see the positive in people.  There is a girl that has been in his class since K.  She can tend to be a trouble maker.  She's had a rough time of it so her situation does explain a lot about her life.  I was kind of glad she did not end up in his class again this year only she did after the first week of school. I asked M Bug how it was going with N.  He said "oh Mom N is okay.  She's grown up a lot and she's trying really hard to be good." Whether this is true or not, he's never really let N bother him.  I love that about him.  Actually N does not really bother me either.  Last year at the beginning it was rough but she settled down and I have actually grown to adore her much the way M Bug had.  She is just a sweet little thing who desperately wants attention but if she gets it, she is so much better for it.  I am glad M Bug is kind enough to realize that. 

He is a hoot.  I mean he totally cracks us up.  He can say or do things and they will be so out of left field and he will some times do or say something so funny in a tense moment that all I can do is laugh.

Okay he talks in his sleep still which is not really a pride thing but if I tell him the next day that he was talking in his sleep he will giggle and ask me all about what he said and what did I do and he just thinks that it's funny that he talks and walks in his sleep.  It kind of is!

Truly he such a sweet guy.  He is tall and strong and smart and I am keenly aware of how amazing he is!  I feel proud and lucky to be his Mommy.
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