Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It has been awhile... again.  I think about writing then I find something else to do.  I think about writing more than the prattle I dump out here then I find something else to do.  And so it goes.

It is down right Spring like around these parts and it is little disconcerting to say the least.  I keep checking and re-checking the date on the calendar, October TWENTY-THIRD.  Yup and it is 70 degrees out?!  The heck...

Ah life has been a tad daunting lately.  I have been working very hard on de-stressing my world and with every step I take to de-stressing, I take like 15 steps back and end up more stressed out.  We have had the usual fall run of sickness.  Some gnarly hacking cough that. just. won't. go. away.  And then a stomach bug of some sort.  I find it all very consistent.  And while I love consistency to the point of enjoying boredom to some degree this sickness stuff in the fall?  Well, I wish we were less consistent.

In trying to find my way out of the daunting consistentency of daily of life, I was thinking about the kiddos and how they got to be seven and four and that I am proud of them and how great they are, truly.

Missy's loves her gymnastics class.  She has been doing gymnastics of some sort since she could walk. I thought of that the other day.  And before that, she was at the same gym as a swaddled up little baby!  Amazing.  She is doing all the usual four year old things.  She writes her name all upward and tall and sweetly funny looking.  Then she asks to write fifty other things and I slowly spell out the words or write them on the dry erase board on the fridge trying to be patient with it all.

Today, she said to me "Mommy I opened the door just a smidge but I closed it again and came back to see you."  Seriously?! My four year old just said 'a smidge'. 

She can count and tell jokes and jump one foot which really isn't a big deal when I consider that she leaps down off the beam at gym class or flings herself over careening into the ground in repeated attempts to get that handstand down.  Hold me.  She does puzzles and colors in the lines and draws those funny little people like figures that only a four year old can draw.  Ah four.  It is tumult of emotions.  She still loses her stuff over little things when she's tired and boy she can make us crazy with the whining and copy catting her brother but mostly she is lovely.

M Bug got the equivalent of all A's on his first term report card.  His teacher.  Gaw.  He nearly made me cry.  Till smart ass K said "I heard Mr. S say that some other parents too."  Mr. S did not say what he said to other parents.  K is just a smart ass ;)!  Mr. S told us that M Bug is a good egg, the best of the best, cream of the crop.  He said M Bug is the type of kid that keeps him coming back to teach year after year.  We have done a fantastic job with M Bug.  M Bug just wants to do what is right and works so hard and... see?  Tears just thinking of how proud I felt for M Bug.  Not for myself or K because I suppose we had a part in who M Bug is but M Bug is his own little person so he can or cannot choose to be the best.  I am proud of M Bug for choosing to be the best.  I would love him regardless of this praise just for the record. 

M Bug is finishing up soccer.  I feel so gushy about M Bug but honestly he makes my heart sing.  He is just like his Daddy.  He works hard and makes an honest effort and then he is makes things look effortless because his work ethic and effort.  He loves his team this season.  The Black Widows.  Ha.  It fun to see he and his two best buddies on the team work well together and the smiles, cheers, and oh dear the CHEST BUMPS kill me.  I spend the entire game chuckling over their boyness.  In the midst of this M Bug is now a Mite in hockey.  He will have two practices a week plus a game and some travel.  It will be a new experience for all of us!  He is doing well with it all and of course like any activity he does he choose it and so I assume he likes it!?  It helps that the twins who went to his school in Kindergarten are on the ice with him.  They are good kids and he misses them since they moved to another school.  Missy's doing hockey too.  More on this later!

M Bug is getting to be such a big kid.  A later bed time and the realization that he can do more (chores) but it is down right fun to hang with him.  He loves sports.  His beloved Cards lost to my beloved Giants.  It was hard on all of us.  Needless to say he's rooting for Detroit.  He loves the hometown college teams even the in the basement football team.  There is so much more that I could on for literally paragraphs about him.  Mostly he is just a good guy and that is that.  Oh he has his moments too.  But seriously they are so minimal I hardly register them.  They are what they are.  I feel blessed to have these two amazing ginger headed babies.  Every day.

Life is feeling less daunting already!
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