Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Day a Week

I have reduced to this. One post per week. No pictures. Just words. BAH.

Oh well. I have been participating in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day thing on Instagram. SUCH FUN! Join me in doing this on Instagram (Chrisfish38).

This week's post is going to be about... RUNNING.  Oh boy, oh joy. 
Last week was rough in every sense of the word. I was sore, tired, not feeling well, emotionally off, aches that are more soreness. BLERG.

Starting with sore, I cannot seem to get past being sore. Part of me feels that this is an okay situation. It my body’s way of saying you are pushing me past the usual easy going runs into a new territory pace wise consistently. I assume the tearing and healing process in muscles are limited right now given the training schedule. Right now the soreness is limited to my inner thighs, calves and the outside of my quads. Limited being somewhat of misnomer there!

The sense of soreness is actually adding to my general exhaustion level. Not to mention my ongoing issues with insomnia, I am one tired girl. I literally DRAGGED myself out to run every single run last week. TMI, I did start my period over the weekend and that generally seems to add to my exhaustion. I am still tired today but not as dreary oh my gawd I want to sleep driving this car tired that I felt last week. I am also working again on a goal of going to be at the latest by 11:00 pm but earlier if possible. On a side note, there are too many good shows on right now!

With the change of weather come allergies. Indoor heat on dry nose rainy outside mold sinus crap that sucks the life out of me. See also tired. I am just plugging along taking my usual dose of Claritin but even that does not always stop it.

The emotionally off has to do with this GERD/acid reflux/tooth decay/ whatever the hell is wrong with thing. It has made me question a lot. I guess in a good way but man it is hard to change one’s position on things (like drinking a beer after a long week of work or my morning coffee) The good of it is that I need to continue to work on being grateful, I need to take better care of me overall, and I need without a doubt to reconsider what I feed myself all of the time. I am lulled often into knowing what I should be eating versus what I am eating versus what is good for me. The first and third items out of that last sentence take much more time than I currently want to spend on thinking about food. And it made me sad to think I am not young enough anymore to not care. Plus it is creep creep creeping up on me… THIRTY-NINE.

The aches that are more than soreness are both of my ankles, my heels, and more often than not my left knee. Those three areas can be downright painful. I often limp or have to get up slowly just to be sure everything will hold out! Oh and I sit for my job most of the day and if I sit a certain way for too long my tailbone aches. THIRTY-NINE people.

Our lives at the moment are a scheduling nightmare. Hockey, soccer, running, gymnastics, doctor’s appointment, school activities, homework OH MY.

I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday as rest days.
Wednesday: 4.5 miles and I do not remember where I did this?! HA. Memorable.
Thursday: 8x400s on the Y track. Actually the highlight of my week of running. I kind peaked doing this… Oops.  Seriously brillant run but man when I woke up on Friday?  I was dear me what have I done!
Friday: 3 miles outside around our hood easy and slow because of the peaking 400s from the day before. EVERYTHING HURT.
Saturday: 5k HOC race – it sucked. I killed it the first mile and fell to bits on the 2nd mile. I came around the bend, saw the clock said 23 plus and just about slowed down to an easy jog. I ended up with a 23:57 I think was the official time. This is hard event for me to attend every year. I got teary eyed the first mile thinking of K’s Mom and little Santana and how tragic and awful cancer is. Usually that motivates me, this time it just made me… sad and tired!
Sunday: 3.3 miles – I was supposed to do five but I was tired so I slept it. I found 30 minutes to run in between activities and did it. I ran (literally) into my friend Annie around 1 mile and we had a super fun run to end it. It was slow going till I saw her and then it helped me to pick up the pace and we talked the whole way SO yay!

Total mileage: 19 miles (I rounded up since I probably ran a mile or more to warm up for the 5k!)

This week is again a bit of mess. I just need to keep the runs in the middle of the week if I am going to do a 5k on Saturday. That was rough not getting a rest day in before the race!
Tuesday: 4.5 miles
Wednesday: 40 minute Tempo
Thursday: 3 miles
Saturday: 5k Race (3.1 miles) - 22:00 22:00 22:00 :)
Sunday: 10 miles

I should end up around 24 miles total this week. My goal this week is to keep the pace up as much as possible.  I do want to get back the week after this to doing something on Mondays like ride the bike or swim or just lift weights/exercise ball stuff.

I need to get new shoes this month and start using them around the 2nd week of October so they are ready for the Half Marathon the first weekend in November. The shoes I am running on right now should have lasted longer but the trail run a week after getting them simply destroyed them!

I also want to grab some compression socks and running tights. I think that might help with some of the soreness. I love the cooler temps and I am ready for winter running!! 

I am planning to do a Half in May 2013 in Cincinnati (FLYING PIG!!!) but I am grateful for a break from "training" after the November 3rd race.  I just need some time off from a training schedule and running.  I am getting to a breaking point both with my family and my body.  I am sort of looking forward to doing something different or new some days in November/December/January (swim?  elliptical?  yoga?!)

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