Friday, November 9, 2012

Red Light. Green Light.

Brake. Go. Brake. Go. That is how I feel about writing here. I want to get on course and I do here and there and than life happens.

Currently life includes two very sick kids, awaiting the results for WHOOPING COUGH for both kids, a sick husband, an insane hockey schedule (that includes my hubby coaching college hockey, my hubby coaching mite hockey, my hubby playing adult league hockey, and BOTH kids playing youth hockey with one on a travel type team), running/training, work, and plugging the dike on my excessively dirty house (THE FRIGGIN’ DUST JUST NEVER ENDS THIS TIME OF YEAR!) But wait there is more: Thanksgiving (and a visit from my oh so charming SIL…) and Christmas – shopping, gifts, decorating, baking, parties, oh my.

On Sickness
The whole Whooping cough/sickness from hell part of things is really the worst wrench of them all. Poor Missy has taken the brunt of this and from what I have read the coughing can go on for. months. I will let you absorb that. I feel like I have a newborn again. She is up hacking half the night and she has thrown up an entire meal not once but twice straight on to the kitchen table. YUM.

On House Cleaning
I have a secret about my house. I think I might intimidate people with my so called clean house. It is all a farce. I am just a chronic neatnik. I would definitely say that in the recent past I would call myself more compulsive, even board line anal but now Neatnik definitely defines me better. That is ‘one who is habitually neat and orderly.’ I dab and wipe and do the least amount of work I have to make the APPEARANCE of clean. Plus I am pretty good at ignoring a lot more.

I do not subscribe to the idea that I am (working) Mom so my home should be dirty because I should spend all my spare time with my kids and they will appreciate that more than a clean toilet. I call bullshit on that for a bevy of reasons. I can keep my house looking pretty lovely without a lot of work and I feel there is pride in that for me, K and the kids. There are times where things are chaotic and out of control, where toys and games and dog food is spread across the floor too. Spot cleaning and hidden piles is my key. There is more to it than that but that is gist of it on the whole. The kids and running are way more important but I can still keep up the appearance of an overall neat clean home!

On Running
We are done with the half marathon. I had so much fun with this training session. It is funny because I kind of wished I had taken on the marathon stuff sooner. It set me up to be a stronger runner, training and racing wise, for the whole year. And everything after it has paled in comparison almost to the point of feeling like I was cheating for this training. 12 miles? No problem, I have done two 20 miler FOR training.

Any who, I mostly met my goal. My goal was to run a 1:41 half but I basically felt like that was a stretch goal. I really wanted to break into the 1:40 half and I did. We ran 1:43.19! And I thought I was going to die for most of it. I had some kind of freakish (hopefully) asthma attack around mile 7. I started out the race tired and thirsty. I am pretty sure I was very dehydrated from the start and no amount of water could stop how badly I felt. I rarely drink water while running and I tend to skip water save for a 1-2 water stations in a longer race. I drank water at every station to no avail. It sucked. However running around the corner after passing the 13 mile mark and see our time?! AWESOME. I did not stop smiling all day for three days! As difficult as the race was, I felt proud that I powered through and survived the race as difficult as it was.

Now I am sort of like what next? What to do? Where to go? I met my goal for the 5k and the half in 2012! YAY. I know I want to set goals for 2013. Likely to get to a 21:00 5k and perhaps lower my half time some more. I am thinking I want to try for 4 half marathons in 2013 but I need to really consider that timing on those. I will not be running a full marathon in 2013. I would like to run 1-2 10ks. I love that distance!

For the moment, my focus between now and the end of 2012 is to work on strength training and my core. I have some weight I want to drop and I feel like running is great for my cardiovascular health but I do nothing in other areas. Also, the IM doctor told me a great way to help with osteoporosis is to strength train at least three days a week. It fits into what I want to do and I know it will help with some “problem” areas I want to work on anyway (tummy, bum and flabby arms I am looking at you!)

On turning THIRTY-NINE
When I turned 35 I thought dear gawd I am old. Now I am like eh. Whatevs it’s a number. I am excited for my 39th year. I have a quote hanging at my desk that I love dearly for many reasons. That is:

She stood in the storm, & when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.

~Elizabeth Edwards

On the Holidays
I mostly have a great attitude about the holidyas this year despite the impending SIL visit. She cramps my happiness a smidge but not by much. I am happy for the holidays. I love Thanksgiving and the warm feeling I get when I think about that weekend, that day and how we are lucky to have food, a home and love in our house. I love to deck the halls and bake and enjoy the crowds at the lighting ceremony on the square and at the mall and to see Santa. I feel like this will be my last year where M Bug will believe in the magic of it all. I think he already knows but he’s playing na├»ve because he’s a little sad to lose that magic himself. I love him even more for that. I love to see the delight in their eyes and shrieks and noise and mess that the holidays bring. I am excited to have little Bolt in our world this year. It makes up a little for the sadness and loss I felt during the early part of 2012 after Santana died. And of course there is welcoming in a new year that I know will be a fantastic year because I said so!
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