Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dental Visit

I called my old Dentist today to make an appointment.
I was not thrilled with the new one I have been going to.
I like the hygentist well enough but the Dentist was meh.
My reflux is back and my teeth were killing me today.
I thought that my old Dentist would provide me with more
information on how I could protect my teeth from the reflux.
I said to the receptionist it has been a like a year or two since
I last saw Dr. X.  She said well let me look.
2008 was the last time I saw him.
And it all came flooding back to me that I went
to see him newly pregnant with Missy
then I never went back because new baby and full time job
and another child and day care and yada yada.
Mostly I stopped going to him because of where his office was located.
That is neither here nor there.
My how she's changed since that time.
She is so beautiful, it makes my heart sing!

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