Friday, December 14, 2012


Today this morning early I notice a feed coming up on Twitter and MSN about a shooting.  I rolled my eyes at first.  Media fuels these things I thought.  Than I read further and I saw that is occurred at an elementary school and my heart stopped.  I could not stop looking all day.  I wanted it be some kind of strange joke or a mistake.  It was not.  As the day went on and the reports piled up one and on top of another on top of another.  Slowly my disbelief turned to angry and sadness and back to anger.  How could this happen?

It is a sad state that our mentally ill cannot be helped and they have much too easy access to destructive weapons. Do not even get me started on health care reform but if we do  not take care of the increasing number of mentally ill people in this country, we are going to keep going down this road again and again and ag... you get the idea.

Look I went to school for nine years in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where everyone hunts some kind of critter.  They use a gun and don hunter's orange and camo and get drunk sitting out in icy cold blinds in the woods.  It is very endearing actually. 

Multiple AKA 47s, an assault rifle, two guns with 100 rounds of ammo - those things are neither necessary nor do they have anything to do with hunting or the right to bear arms.  DO YOU HEAR ME NRA?  DO YOU HEAR ME PRO-GUN TYPES? Regular old Americans do not want to worry about sending their children to school for fear that they will be shoot to death in their schools in their classrooms.

And if I am approached by a pro gun person who says well if someone ELSE was armed in that school they could have stopped this massacre... THE HELL?  How?  Hey, my kid went to school and gun battle broke out.  Really?  There would be less violence if we all carried a gun?  Did we learn nothing from Trayvon Martin?

Sarah Winchester went crazy because of the money that was made from the guns that bore her name.  It takes courage to say we were wrong and we did harm. 

We, America, are wrong and we are doing harm.  To our youth, to the memory of our forefathers, to our elderly, and every single person in between.

I hugged my M Bug so hard today when he stepped off that bus today that he probably thought I went crazy. I can only hope that we can do better for his generation going forward and his generation can do even before for those who come after him.

I am holding all of those children and their families in my heart, in my prayers.  I hope today and tomorrow and into the future that we can find a solution to this problem that is plaguing our nation, and our world.
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