Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Psychiatry of Pinterest?

I was reading some photo of a photo with inspirational words on it on FB today.  You know like on Pinterest (Shameless plug, follow me!) I was thinking of the words and how I wanted those words to inspire me but it was hard to be inspired.  It was this:
I have to say that I like it. I do.  The hard part is if I am not happy, change something.  Easily done in some cases.  I was fat and out of shape.  So three years ago, I got off my lazy cookie swilling ass and started plodding away.  Now I can run and I am not as fat and really I am only lazy with housework but who isn't these days?  I suppose stay at home moms would say ME but whatever. If I stayed a home my house would immaculate I tell you!  I digress.  Well the change something in my case would be changing my work environment.  It has been a struggle to say the least.  Really the least because I get nervous to say more.  Toxic might be a good way to say it.  Hard, uncomfortable, stressful, acid reflux and anxiety inducing are all things that come to mind when considering my work environment.  It is not always easy to make those changes is all I am saying about this.  I like it but the simplicity of it is a lie. 

There is nothing simple of about changing somethings.  Like I would love to find a job doing certain things but none of those things are "things" I can actually make money doing.  Fitness, nutrition, party planning, secret shopper, book writing.  Okay some people do make oodles of money doing those things but not a lot.  I am just saying is all.  SO sure I could make money but not enough to eat or keep a roof over our head.  I mean when I look at this little "chart" I see unhappy/change something.  Work, marriage, family relationships, friendships, the list goes on and in each of the subcategories none are easy to just go out and change one day.  To be clear the only change something I am feeling is my work environment.  I am happily married, I love my friends, I am okay with my family relationships and my kids drive me crazy but you know I signed up for that so I am okay with it and than I go running!

The one above was paired with another one:

This one was more palpable.  I can totally do this.  I can hold on to my power and say I want things to go the way I want them to go because I am going to change myself inside and out and in changing myself I can make the story go in the direction I want it.  I am in control only if I hold on to my power. I am woman hear me roar!


I prefer this one personally:
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