Tuesday, February 19, 2013

La Mia Famiglia

I am not sure where I left off or why.   No I know I keep trying to, wanting to write but I find a lot of excuses.  I have actually been writing some here and there and keeping those safe in my Google docs.  Those are just stories made up out of my head and what not.  You know if I have known you you are likely a character in a story that I am in some form of writing.  It is fun to do that.  Humans, human nature which is sort of predictable are honestly too much fun to no write about them! Okay and I have been reading.  TWO books in 2013 already and I am onto book number three (The Corrections... I am late to the game)  That is almost three books more than I read in 2012 wherein I read... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and my brain imploded. 

I have been running like 20-30 miles per week for five years in AUGUST... well until I got slammed with the stomach flu then a sinus infection and bronchitis.  A trifecta of sorts.  I have been so cute the past week it is scary!  Totally lost six pounds though so whatever... YAY!  Actually as I type this yesterday it was close to 60 degrees here and tonight the HIGH is supposed to be 12.  It is no small wonder we are not all sicker or more sickly on a regular basis - OH SPRING come and come quickly.

I want to start writing again here regularly but some of the usual hang ups have overcome me regularly.  Time.  Energy.  Ability to put into written word what I want to say without sounding to snotty/bitchy/angry.  However I find that if and when I write if I am able to release my inner snot/bitch/anger I am much healthier.

So let's start over.  I turned 39 in November and will be FORTY THIS YEAR!!  I have two kiddos aged 4 (and holy omg four worse than three worse than two) and 7.  My seven year old will be an eight year old before I can blink.  My sweet hubs is K.  He will be sliding into his mid 30s next month fully at 36.  We work together for all intents and purposes.  I love to write, read, and run.  I am slightly (okay a lot) anal retentive.  I think this bothers people.  I do not care much about that any more.  I used to worry about a lot of things like that for instance when I first started to write this here blog (that was actually a different blog name and place but well it is all one thing to me) but I have come to find that most people are not worth that worry.  I need to work on reconnecting with those that do matter which is another post for another time.

I like to watch TV (Grimm, Downton Abbey, Castle, Revenge, Market Warriors) and I love to listen to NPR as I think we have lost the ability to think intelligently and part of the reason I think we have lost that ability is that we used to have to listen to our news and shows and now we watch them. I think listening to them forces us to use our brains and create a picture in our minds.

I am a complete and total stress ball.  I do not want to be but I am.  I am a nerd.  And not a very smart nerd at that but it took me well into my 30s to be okay with being a nerdy mcdorkerson.  I like to be alone.  I hate to even admit that but it is true.  I love my friends dearly but I find that most people annoy me and I probably annoy them.

I am proudly a mutt.  My Mom was born and raised in the Netherlands.  My Dad is Italian/Polish with some Ukrainian throw in there.  My maiden name is decidedly Italian and despite the fact I grew up mostly immersed in Dutch (language, foods, swear words) the Italian surname resonated with me the most.  I have one simple goal.  To learn Italian before I die!  Okay and to go there eventually.  Of course I want to travel the world but that will have to wait!  I am not in a hurry, there's time!

I was born in Upstate NY.  I grew up from 5 till I was 20 something in CA. I went to undergrad and grad school in MI with stints in Milwaukee WI, Detroit MI and Indianapolis IN. I lived and was married in Fort Wayne IN before moving to our current home.  Midwest central (HA!!! To this day it strikes me as odd to reside in the Midwest a place I made fun of growing up, thinking it was the middle of nothing with a lot of backward people who what?  Lived on farms and what not... I was from CALIFORNIA Oh my so cool... whatever... It does not matter where your live or where you are from, it just matter who you are inside. 
I love my home.  Not necessarily because it is the nicest on the block or in town and certainly it is not in the fanciest neighborhood but because it is my home.  My cozy little happy spot.  I have travelled and moved and lived without a home for years and years (though I do sometime wished I had travelled more like off of the North American Continent but there are no do overs in life.) I like that I have a sense of staying put happily where I am.  My sense of self and family is that when one keeps moving or having that urgency to be somewhere else they are generally not happy with themselves.  One fact I hold to be very true is that I am still who I am no where I live, no matter what state, continent, country, etc I am not going to change merely because I live my life somewhere different.  I am grateful that for ten full years I have called this place, this town, this community... my home.  A home I/we made entirely on my/our own with the help of my amazing partner and friend, K.

I love sports.  I will watch (begrudgingly) most any sports.  I especially love (pro) football, (college) basketball, and baseball.  I swam for years (14) and I rode horses for half that time.  I always wished I ran track/cross country in high school.  I used to walk past the track in high school and dream about running but I did not understand that it was possible to jump ship (ha) from swimming to another sport.  SO now I run and run and run.

I do not like pretentious people, I make fun of lame people but I seriously would not make fun of someone just to be mean and I would only do it with a very small tiny sub group of people - like two people really, I love to laugh loudly, I think my kids are the very best in the whole wide world.  I like to drink (beer! wine!) and eat and omg I would do more of that if I did not have stomach troubles (see stress ball... what is that anyway?!)

Any who there's a start.  Randomly random stuff about me.  Least I forget to say this but it is a given in my heart.  La mia famiglia è tutto. Amo la mia famiglia.

The Boys (M Bug, Bolt-man, and K)
Lucy Loo

Nerdy McDorkerson
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