Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nature of the Beast

Dear Cough,

GO AWAY.  I have managed over the past year (12 months-ish) to stay relatively healthy.  That is after the previous 12 months when I managed to get so sick I passed out in the shower and hurt my knee and literally could not breath for months on end while training for a marathon.  I was taking a pile of vitamins to stave things off and I was eating really well and I stopped drinking and I was getting plenty of rest and by God it was working!  Then my teeth started to rot and my stomach started to hurt all of the time and dang it if I still do not know why but I changed my diet and stopped taking so many supplements and my sleep got really crappy because I was having trouble sleeping (already. always. I have never really slept well my whole life mmmkay?) and yadadadada...

Missy and K have had it the worst the past 12 months or so.  I blame this solidly on hockey.  HA.  Okay that and work.  I mean the people I work with are always sick and I think they are always sick because this group?  Travels like you or I shower every day.  And they do not just like travel to Iowa.  No they go to the Virgin Islands and New Zealand and Italy and PR and Ireland and holy sheet stop travelling would you?  You keep bringing back diseases from near and far and I am over it.  Then there is hockey.   K is around three different groups of kids coaching them.  Three different groups of kids who pretty much cover EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL IN OUR COMMUNITY.  ARG.

Any who, just as I started training for a half marathon I have taken a full week off and I am heading into week two.  I had the luck of drawing not one but two illnesses to make up for miss time maybe!?  Bronchitis AND a Sinus Infection.  And of course even with medicine I cannot. stop. coughing.  A hacking out of control embarassing gag inducing close to throwing up no air going into my body inhaler needing cough.  And a cold sore.  And a runny nose and finally I sweat.  Profusely.  On a side note, seven pounds.  I have barely any appetite.  In fact, today is truly the first day when I can actually taste my food.  And not eating is like no big deal.  I have no interest in food.  I just ate some cereal and I was like mmm could have without that but I get the shakers from that stupid inhaler so food it is. 

I did not mention that before I saw the doctor I had the most heinous fever (101-103) that I thought was going to smite (Smote,  smoot??  WTF) dead.  Every fiber of my being hurt for 24 hours.  It was like a bad dream.  I literally thought it could not get worse then it would! I continued with that low grade fever for almost six days before I saw the doctor.  Thus the sweating.  Then the hacking cough and running nose.  To cap off the pre-medicine state?  I am a girl and what not so ya know... that happened too. 

In short, I would like to be better, I would like to be able to breath, I would like to have no more snot, sweat, and most especially COUGHING.  I really want to get on with my life and running and even? work.  GAW.

Cough you are evicted from my life NOW.  Be on your way.

Cheers 'n stuff,

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