Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tip of the Iceberg

I am struggling with the goals I sent last week.  It has been a rough week in some ways.  Missy is dealing with the changes to childcare the past few weeks. We are all ready to get her back on her regular old schedule. 

M Bug turned EIGHT. Oh my.  Hopefully more on that later.  He is going through a bit of a growth spurt.  Tough one.  So much is happening in his world right now... when isn't it?  And so I am working hard to be calm and speak softly to him.  He is my extraordinarily sensitive soul who feels and see things that others do not seem to.

Spring keeps rearing its beautiful soft soul into our lives and then old man winter seemingly grumbles back to life and we are left with warm and cold moments.  I do not mind them and yet I am ready for a consistent weather pattern.

Monday was 70, sunny, with a mild breeze.  Missy and I spent our day riding bikes, coloring out on the front porch, swinging in the yard, enjoying the sunshine. I have already sadly counted the months till she will be five.  Just three and a week or so. 

We have gone back and forth about schooling.  She is signed up full time for pre-school through the program M Bug attended that we loved and she is the school we wanted her to be.  However, on Monday, she and I spent the morning at her "home" school filling out the petition and Kindergarten paperwork.  Either way, our Mondays together will end after the summer.  I have loved these days.  I would not give them back for anything.  There were moments but mostly they were soft sweet floating rolling days that I have felt lucky enough to enjoy.  I always knew they would come to an end and so I cherished them over the past two years.

I looking forward to a focus again on my job.  I love it as much as I often hate and the fact that I know I am good at what I do is a difference.  I am a more confident person at work that I once was and so I am looking forward to applying that confidence.

Sadly I have had to step away from running a bit.  Some new painful foot issue.  I had big goals for Cincinnati and I still have those but I will be playing it more my ear.  I have had to cut back on some training and muddle my way through the rest of it.  I am excited to be done with half marathon training as I feel like this is the time to get healthy.  The do no harm motto can be applied here.  I have been interested to lose about ten pounds and get more lean in various areas but especially my tummy from my babies.  I know if I give myself the time to get healthy and work on lean muscle mass I will have a chance to run some half marathons (or even just A marathon) in the fall.

Finally, we are still hemming and hawing over the flooring.  We know what we want to do and with what materials but it is a matter of hiring the right person AND making the time to tear our house apart.

I am looking forward to our gardens this year. I neglected those last year as it got so hot to quickly.  We are doing something different.  Herbs and fun new veggies.  I am planning to do some new flowers both from seed and starts.  I missed gardening last year.  Plus mulch.  MULCH... Grrr... love/hate!

I have a goal to get the basement furnished by the end of the summer.  I want to move the television/gaming systems/etc downstairs and take back that play area that is not really played in any more.  We will complete the painting we started last summer... gaw.  How awful to wait to so long!  We will be staining the back deck and Kevin has some major repair work to do on the back patio plus I asked him to build in seating there since the drop is huge!  I want to patch up some trim inside and out and actually hang the nine million pictures I have.  I am excited to hit Ikea too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  So so so much more... for now.  I am off to bed.
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