Monday, August 26, 2013


Five Ways To Win Your Heart

I thought about this and these were the first five things that came to mind.  They seem way too simple.  Like there should be more or they should be deeper, more meaningful.  I must be very simple.

Hugs - I love a fantastic hug.  It is sweet and kind and I think they are essential to life and being and a hug reminds me to breath and centers me and carries me away and I love a good hug.

Travelling - I do not just mean to places or to see things. I do love to travel and I think going places and seeing things important.  I feel like we can see a lot but if we are not present in the moment then we do not really have a great time.  I was also thinking about the people who have chosen to travel down this road through life with me and those I have chosen.  I used to think I had no choice about who came with me but I know now that who is with me is important and I do not have to keep everyone with me especially those who are hurtful and I can help to create not just my journey but I can do that for others and that is special.

A calm consistent heart - I am often not the most calm nor consistent human being but I appreciate that in others.  Stay with me and be calm and consistent and that makes my heart sing. 

The little things - you have no idea how special the teeny tiny things are to me especially when they come from one's heart.  One time our former nanny who is now a great friend left balloons and a little snow globe and a card for M-Bug on the front porch on some occasion and it was so sweet.  It just struck me how little things are so meaningful.  I need to do that more to others too.  It does not have to be big or expensive.  Homegrown veggies put on the front porch, helping someone clean out their garage, listening to a friend in need, any thing small but in hindsight once I get a chance to think it all through I am like WOW that tiny thing made a huge difference in my world!

Laughing your ass off with me about the silliest things - man, a good laugh over something dumb, just plain laughing and laughing and oh my laughing at something that is meaningless and yet?  meaningful is the very, very best!

* I am doing this as part of journal writing project thing I found.  Maybe a nice jump start to blogging more/again.  Especially now that I have more time since I am not running.  Not that my house is any cleaner but all of those projects, books, and writing that I have wanted to do for like five years?  Totally getting done now!  Okay and this recipe happened tonight and even if it tastes like crap, it smells DELISH!!
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