Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Planning Day

We have finished our annual trips for the year.  We have two we must do trips - one to Canada and one to Seattle to see our families.  They were good trips this year.  Much better to split them up, one in the fall and one in the summer, then cramming both in the middle of the summer.  We also had our amazing spring break trip to Myrtle Beach SC and our mini trip to St. Louis.  Slowly ticking off the US travel list!  I know we will need to do the Canada/Seattle trips in 2014 and we already have an Orlando road trip for the summer (DISNEY WORLD!!!) with our friends.  I would like to do at least one additional trip if we can.  I would like to find something new that we have never done.  I would love to take a camping trip somewhere new like West Virginia or western VA.  I need to do some homework on that.  We could try to do something like that over spring break.  And when I say camping I mean in a cabin with running water and a toilet!  ;) I am super glad to be done travelling for the remainder of this year.  I like that the holidays are quietly ours with no fuse or muse (or I am hoping.. I feel that K's charming sister is going to try to show up and ruin my stress free Thanksgiving which OH HELL NO I put my foot down to that...) While I was traveling I had some time away from our regular hectic life to think about my world a little.

After the Seattle trip this past weekend where all I did was eat crappy food and  I definitely did NOT exercise, I got back to biking and lifting weights last night.  I have been pretty unclear in my goals since the BOOT.  The boot being the actual boot I have on my foot daily in an effort to heal the damage I did to my foot (owning this is hard for me...I want to blame the shoes or the socks or the universe for conspiring against me!) I had to completely rethink my year as it was blown from a running perspective.  Then I realized it was not just this year but I have been running for FIVE YEARS and all that training is blown too.  Like I will have to start from scratch whenever (if ever... it feels like never right now) I can run again.  I have sort of been blown by that thought for several months now.  Like what if I cannot run again.  What if I hate to run when I can.  What if I run again and just re-injure the whole stupid foot again or something new or...  What if... what if... what if... And I need to turn off the what if noise in my head. I am in the boot. I am going to the Chiropractor who is treating my foot. I will get out of this boot and restructure my running life eventually.  Until that time I need to be proactive and positive.

My goals are simple.  Get in the best shape of my life so I can get back to running and be a better stronger faster SMARTER runner than I have ever been.

Smarter is realizing that just running all the time was absolutely kicking my arse.  I am fat in places I should not have been and did not have to be because all I was doing was running.  The good news about an injury like this is it gave me the chance to see what I was missing and a whole new perspective on things.

I am hoping to get to the pool at least 2-3 times per week from now on.  I would like to start out doing 1,000-2,000 yards and see how it goes from there.  I am planning to lift 4 times per week at home.  That is two days of arms, two days of legs. I would like to see the fat on my arms and backside turn to muscle in an effort to become stronger.  In just the time I have half assed weights I can see a different in my arms mainly.  Also biking and not running has changed my legs.  They are slimmer seemingly, less bulky which I think will make a huge difference in getting back to running one day in the future.

I am going to work my core - I plan to purchase a medicine ball along with some kettle bells to try some new exercises and, of course, sit ups, push ups and my newest obsession of planking!  I will continue to bike if I cannot do the swimming thing.  The shitty part about my heel is that I cannot do anything really weight bearing right now- no upright bike, no elliptical, no rowing machine, not even walking.  So I am pretty well stuck with doing the recumbent bike or swimming at this point.  WHICH is a-okay, it just gets a tad boring BUT I am excited to get where I want to be in order to start running again.

My goal is to lose the weight I have been trying to lose for some time now and get down to a healthier weight of 125.  While running I was right at 131-135 but I ate like shit the whole time I ran.  My goal is to work on my diet significantly.  I have not been drinking really at all, I am working to cut sweets and unhealthy fats out (like CHIPS and dips for instance!) I feel like my diet overall has been fairly healthy but weekends and stressful times are my downfall.

Finally, I am working on reintegrating some vitamins into my world.  I feel that part of this injury has to do with calcium related issues/perimenopause  I am going to start taking a multivitamin again (GF of course) and I want to find a calcium pill that is GF and smaller and possibly chewable as I understand taking a full pill with some issues is often very hard on one's stomach.  I would really like to get back to drinking more water and I have taken to drinking peppermint tea in the afternoons which really aids with digestion and coats my tummy so I feel better into the evening generally speaking.

At the end of the day, my ground zero hoping to be able run time frame is January 2014.
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