Wednesday, November 20, 2013


After I put this boot on eight weeks ago today in fact I thought now what.  Actually I thought that well before the boot actually entered my life because I stopped running probably four weeks before that.  I did spend those first weeks without the boot wandering aimlessly through little workouts here and there.  Around the time the boot came into my life I decided that I was not going to sit around wallowing in self pity but instead do something BIG about the situation at hand.

I put that boot on. Eight weeks ago. Some days in there I thought it would never heal. I am finally feeling the changes.  Still a while to go but there is a small glimmer of hope/light there. I can finally free my mind from the more negative thoughts like the never running again ones and see that maybe, just maybe I will get back to soon!

I started going to see a chiropractor in town to help with the pain and treatment.

I put together a loose plan for working out at least five days a week, six if I could.

40-60 minutes on our recumbent bike.

I started to integrate weights and my exercise ball into this routine - arms and legs on alternating days.

Planks, sit ups, push ups and any other crazy thing I could find to do that involved strengthening my body.

Wall sits are my friends wall sits rock!

So do planks - no seriously how did I not do these two things before when I just ran?

A colleague of mine has done the unimaginable - she has me in the pool swimming a couple of days a week!
(which has been fabulously fun despite my anxiety and perceived hatred of swimming until recently!)

I have been very careful about how and what I eat.

I do not really do dessert as often as I was.

I have mostly cut out breads though I do still enjoy both breads and dessert I am just more thoughtful about it.

I have decreased or cut out some foods that did not make sense and I was eating just to eat - granola nut type bars for instance - just ridiculous to eat those every day with so much fat in them.

I increased my water consumption including ginger and mint teas for my tummy.

I completely cut out eating after dinner.  I just do not do it any more

The big thing right now that I am working on it getting back to a more plant based whole foods less processed foods diet and I am working very hard to cut GMOs out of my diet. I will say this - since mostly cutting bread/whole wheat grains out (I would only eat whole wheat everything that is the kicker) out of my diet I have had ZERO allergies. I always thought the allergies were seasonal but I do not even take allergy medicine any more when I used to take it daily.  I used to have a scratchy itchy throat and TONS of sinus issues every spring and fall.  Nothing this year.  Nada.  None.  Craziest thing ever.
I do not weigh myself often.  At the height of eating issues in college and grad school I would weigh myself 2-3 times a day to see where I was. I was discussing my weigh loss with a colleague.  She said so how much have you lost.  I said well I have not really lost any per say. I mean have checked. I am right around 129 which is maybe 2-4 lbs less than when I ran and did nothing else.  However I have changed my body fat content. More than anything I think.  I would say that I am more muscular.  If you only do cardio like running it is like living in a vacuum.  If there is no weight bearing activities in there or stretching or balance improvement then you will end up injured especially at my advanced age of forty ;).  I am leaner than I was six months ago. I can see the difference in my arms, my belly and even oddly my legs. I have more definition.

I have not been crazy about losing weight, not like I was in my teens and 20s.  Mostly I am just aware and working hard.  I suppose I do spend a fair amount of time working out every evening but honestly I am more laid back too. I mean I am watching TV or reading a book so it takes me longer or I think oh I will do sit ups so I can finish out this show for instance.  Also, I definitely listen to my body. If I am exhausted I either skip the workout or I do a shortened workout - 30 minutes on the bike and that is it.  Just something to get my heart rate up and then get some rest. I think overall I am fascinated by the changed.  There were whole years after I gave birth to M Bug where I thought I will never be fit again.  And even more recently even with running I felt large and in charge and unhappy about how I looked but I just accepted it, assumed that having babies had permanently altered my body.  Or that is the story I feed myself.  Like a bag of chips, I was telling myself I needed to be like that.  Not that I thought I looked bad or anything like that but now that I look and more importantly feel better I am amazed and pleasantly surprised and tickled that the slow steady work is paying off.
At the end of the day my one and only goal was to be a better stronger healthier runner when I could run again.  I feel like that will mostly be the case whether I can run again or not.  I like how I feel right now, it is amazing and cool and I would not trade a bag of chips for this at all!

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