Monday, November 18, 2013


I really wanted to be angry at my husband the weeks before I turned 40.  I thought he was being rather bland about it all and I was sort of bummed at his level of blandness. Like 'HEY BIG LIFE EVENT COME ON DO SOMETHING GREAT TO HONOR THAT DUDE!'  Then I made peace with it and moved on.

We had dinner out as a family and cupcakes and they gave me a new camera (yay!)  K took me out for lunch and a yummy dessert on my birthday.  There were cards and gifts that arrived by mail.  We had a work party at a lovely restaurant in town complete with delicious cupcakes and a fantastic gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods where I can get some kind of awesome loot with the amount on said gift card.  I was happy and content.  Plus I still had shopping at the new H&M that opened up in town and a lunch date with my favorite girls.

After a fantastic shopping trip ($150 dropped at the new H&M - bonus deal: buy one sweater, get one free. Would have been close to $200 without that deal!) we headed off to another favorite local restaurant for lunch.  Where one of my best friends that I have not seen in like four years suddenly appeared all the way from Michigan. I nearly fell over!  Surprise.  So we lunched (or brunched as the case may be plus a mimosa which I never had but it was quite delish!) and headed off to my house.  Jen was like 'I need a toothbrush so can we stop somewhere to get one'. Too funny that I was like 'oh I have a pile at home - you can have one'.  She said NO I have to have a particular kind.  Of course I went along with this because it sounded perfectly normal. I mean I am weird about shampoo so why not toothbrushes!

We arrived at my house and I opened the back door to a crowd of people screaming SURPRISE.  SUPER DOUBLE UBER SURPRISE.

Apparently my seemingly apathetic to me turning 40 husband pulled off a massive surprise party on me. Complete with a wild animal guy coming with crazy extreme wild animals (a boa constrictor, a massive owl, an alligator, and a skunk to name a few of the things that were ACTUALLY in my living room)!  He had piles of food, adult beverages, and s'mores to roast in the fire pit.  It was totally amazing and wonderful and I told everyone I told him the one thing I did not want was a surprise party but it was seriously the coolest thing ever!  AND I was completely surprised by it for real!  Not one person gave it away and I did not figure anything out at all! Too funny.

So 40 is fabulous!

Welcome to the dark side (as one of our already 40+ friends said to me).  Ready or not hear, I come!
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